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    Episode 11: "Lake Crystone's hidden treasure! The rumors of Team Elegy!"

    "Almost there, guys..." Wendy smiled as Tenku weakly fluttered behind her. Brock was next, with Hinata limping by his side. Mizuchi and the Eevees brought up the rear.

    [Good...I don't know if I can walk any more...] Hinata groaned.

    "Don't worry, the rangers in charge of Lake Crystone have a form of Pokemon Center at the lake outpost to care for some injuries." Wendy assured Hinata. It's often called 'Lake Crystone's hidden treasure' because in addition to an impromptu Pokemon Center, there's amenities for the humans as well--perfect if you can't or don't want to continue to Crystone Town proper."

    "How far away are we from Crystone Town?" Brock was curious.

    "After the lake itself, it's about another day on foot." Wendy replied as she studied her map. "We should be getting to the lake right about..." She looked up from the map and saw the lake surface in the distance. ""

    [YAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!] the Eevees cheered as they veered off the dusty path and down the hill towards the lake, where various fishermen, swimmers, campers, and boaters were gathered.

    Brock and Wendy, meanwhile, made their way down a smaller path and inside the large log cabin that served as the ranger outpost. Surprisingly, it was fairly empty, save for a few rangers tending to injured Pokemon, some other travelers, and a tour group about to depart on an excursion around the lake and the surrounding forest.

    After leaving Hinata in a ranger's care, Brock spotted a phone by the entryway into the dining area. "Why don't we update Professor Willow on our progress before we get lunch?"

    "Great idea!" Wendy suggested as she left Tenku with a second ranger, then joined Brock by the phone as he dialed Prof. Willow's number.

    Brock drummed a finger on the phone's side as he watched the screen flash "DIALING". He thought about dozing as he waited, but Prof. Willow's voice snapped him back to reality. "Hello?"

    "Hello, professor--we have arrived at the ranger's outpost by Lake Crystone." Brock began before silently urging Wendy to join him. "We're letting our Pokemon rest, and getting some lunch ourselves."

    "We also hope to do a little gem mining while we're here." Wendy added.

    Prof. Willow smiled. "It's possible to spend a week at Lake Crystone and still not do everything there is to do there. In addition to gem mining, there's hiking, fishing, bike trails, Ponyta rides, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, an archery range..."

    "Really?" Brock gasped.

    "Perfect for you to practice your shooting." Wendy smiled.

    "Brock knows how to handle a bow?" Professor Willow was intrigued.

    "While we were traveling, I found a yew branch that was perfect for making a bow." Brock explained as he showed the professor his bow. "I'm still not too bad a shot, even though it's been a while since I last had a lesson...."

    "He used it to scare an Ursaring away!" Wendy added. "While I was picking Berries to go with our lunch a few days ago, an Ursaring thought I was stealing its food and chased me!"

    "Tenku and Hinata tried to battle it, and both got bad wounds to show for it." Brock continued. "Wendy didn't want to use Mizuchi, and I was afraid to send Terra into battle, so I sprayed some Repel on some of my arrows and shot them in the ground--that scared it away."

    "That's very clever idea to deter a Pokemon." Willow smiled. "When you get to Crystone Town proper, its famous market should be underway--you'll find lots of farm fresh food there, and all kinds of arts and crafts--including swords, bows, and arrows."

    "Cool!" Wendy gasped. "I used to come there a lot when I was younger--wonder what's changed since the last time I was there."

    [Speaking of food, I'm hungry...] Mizuchi whispered.

    Wendy lovingly petted the Vaporeon, then told Prof. Willow "We're gonna feed our other Pokemon, then get lunch ourselves before we explore the lake."

    "We'll call again when we get to Crystone Town proper." Brock added.

    "Stay safe, and good luck on your travels." Professor Willow replied before the call ended.


    After being reunited with Hinata and Tenku, Brock and Wendy wasted no time in getting lunch from the massive buffet in the dining area.

    [Can we sit here and look out at the lake?] Raku asked, waving from a table by a window as Brock and Wendy returned with their plates piled high with a bewildering variety of food.

    "Okay." Wendy replied, petting Raku as she settled at the table.

    Lunch was quiet for a moment, but watching Raku nibble at the occasional Berry on a small plate reminded Wendy that Brock had not told her the rest of his adventure in Stone Town.

    "So, did Mikey ever tell his brothers he liked his Eevee as it was?" she asked as Brock finished a Pinap Berry slice.

    Brock thought for a moment as to where he was in the story, then continued "However, we didn't know that the festivities had also attracted two rookie agents of Team Rocket--Kanto's evil team. Just as Mikey was about to announce he didn't want Eevee to evolve, the two agents--a boy named James, and a girl named Jessie-- landed on the lawn in their Meowth balloon."

    "Oh my!" Wendy gasped, picturing the chaos that likely ensued.

    [What did they do?] Satomi worries.

    "First and foremost, they were so hungry, they started eating while they recited their version of the Team Rocket motto." Brock replies. "Every pair and group of agents has their own unique spin on the motto when they say it, and even then, they will tailor it to suit the occasion."

    "Interesting..." Wendy mused.

    "In the case of Jessie and James, their version usually went like this..." Brock then proceeds to mimic Jessie's voice. "To protect the world from devastation..."

    "and unite all peoples within our nation." he replies as James.

    "To denounce the evils of truth and love...." he continues as Jessie, much to Raku's delight.

    "and extend our reach to the stars above." he replies as James. Wendy stifles a giggle at how accurate Brock's mimics of their voices are as he continues switching between the two Rockets:



    "Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!

    "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

    By now, the Eevees are howling with laughter. "And then their Meowth--who had the ability to speak human--would pipe in with..." Brock then switches to Meowth's voice. "Meowth! Dat's right!"

    [Team Elegy wouldn't do anything like that!] Satomi giggles.

    "Anyway, their Weezing spread a smoke screen, which bought them time to take pretty much all the evolutionary stones and Pokemon while everyone was sniffling and sneezing." Brock continues as himself. "When the smoke cleared, Ash saw the Meowth balloon getting away, and sent his Pidgeotto to pop it. However, it turned out the balloon was actually a decoy--Pidgeotto discovered there was no one in it!"

    "So where were the Team Rocket goons?" Wendy wonders, afraid for the Pokemon.

    "They had stolen a truck in all the confusion and escaped by way of a back road." Brock replies. "They had a good number of Pokemon with them too, including Misty's Horsea, my Vulpix, Ash's Pikachu, and all the Eevees. However, Misty's Horsea made a trail of ink on the road as TR fled, and Pidgeotto happened to spot it."

    [And then?] Tenku begged, excited.

    "We followed the ink trail to a hidden grotto where the two Team Rocket agents had made camp." Brock replies. "After not being able to agree on a form to evolve Mikey's Eevee into, they decided to use all the stones at once! But before they could try to get the world's first Vaporjoltflareon," Wendy and her Pokemon giggle at the name of Brock's presumed multievolution. "Ash told his Squirtle to use Water Gun to blast the stones away. After we freed most of the Pokemon, we found out the agents still had Mikey's Eevee, and the other three Eevee brothers used their Eeveelutions to battle. "

    [Did they win?] Satomi asks.

    "However, the Team Rocket agents fought just as hard, and after a long battle, actually defeated all three of them!" Brock replies. "Mikey's Eevee escaped from its cage in all the ruckus, and was reunited with Mikey. After Ash's Pikachu shocked the agents for the three billionth time, Eevee combined his power with Pikachu and sent the two agents flying to Arceus-knows-where."

    He concludes. "After the battle and things had calmed down a bit, Mikey told his brothers that he wanted to keep his Eevee as it was. His brothers had seen how well Eevee had beaten the Team Rocket agents, and agreed that Mikey should be able to choose not to evolve his Eevee. They respected his decision to keep Eevee, and modified the party to celebrate Mikey and Eevee's first battle victory."

    "Aw..." Wendy smiled at the tale's ending.

    "Even today, those two agents are still chasing Ash, bent on getting his Pikachu." Brock added. "Why they want him, I don't know."

    "If this were Team Elegy, they would've given up on your friend's Pikachu a long time ago." Wendy muses. "Are all the Team Rocket agents bumbling goofballs like that?"

    "Actually, no--Team Rocket as a whole is actually pretty dangerous." Brock replied. "They've taken over Kanto's major corporation, Silph, in hopes the company president would hand over the technology for the never fail Master Ball--one plot of theirs we foiled..."

    "I'd be afraid if Team Elegy took over Teru Co. in Hireka City." Wendy mused. "Despite being high in the mountains, it is renowned throughout Minami as a leader in science and technology--and a sister corporation to Silph."

    "When that didn't work, they tried creating a super Pokemon from the DNA of the Pokemon Mew--and named the result Mewtwo." Brock continued. "The terror Mewtwo wrought is a story on its own--it took Ash sacrificing himself to stop the craziness."

    "Wait--how come you say Ash is still living if he died?" Wendy asks, confused.

    Brock smiles. "Pikachu's tears and the tears of all the other captured Pokemon brought Ash back to life."

    [I see...maybe Arceus saw all of them crying and revived your friend.] Raku mused.

    "As if that mess wasn't enough--then they tried to take over the main radio tower in Johto after laying low for a while." Brock went on. "We foiled that plot too, with help from some friends of ours in Johto--Ethan and Lyra."

    "Whoa..." Wendy is amazed at how much terror Team Rocket has caused. "But I bet Team Elegy could even top the Mewtwo incident..."

    "How so?" Brock swallows hard.

    "You remember the legend of Giratina and Meloetta?" Wendy asks. Brock nods. "What Team Elegy wants to do is release Giratina and tear the world apart."

    Brock balks at this--even Team Galactic sounded like child's play compared to what Wendy described. "How are they going to do this if Giratina is sealed?"

    "Easy--channel the negative energy and sadness of the guardians of the gems of song, which weakens and eventually breaks the seals holding Giratina." Wendy explains.

    "Who are these guardians?" Brock is intrigued.

    "That's one part of the legend I've never figured out..." Wendy sighed as she cleared her place. "The most common theory is the Gym Leaders, but no one knows for sure."

    "Then, if by some miracle the legend is true...." Brock swallows hard as he shakes in fear--he doesn't want to see the world torn apart!

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