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Originally Posted by Dradier234 View Post
Heres Deck City in PKMN Chaos Mind.
I'm going to blunt here, that map looks terrible. It can turn into a decent map with some work though.

The layout of the road is a good thing to base your city on, however, the buildings aren't properly aligned. It looks weird having varying widths of the road, try using 3 or four tile wide roads throughout the city.

the top part of the map looks really bad. It's like you duct-taped it on a town, the buildings don't match with the rest, and the are placed horribly. You should try placing the roads in front of them, not underneath them.

The fenced-in trees look nice, though their placement could've been a lot better. Try placing them between next to the vertical parts of the road.

I get the impression that this map was really rushed, like you just selected thins from the tileset and just splatted them together. Take your time while mapping, play test the game and walk through your map, pretending that this is the first time you visit it. Does everything look natural? Does it really give you the feeling you intended it to have? Do you know where you're supposed to go?

Anyway, please don't feel offended by this, I'm just trying to help you.