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    Originally Posted by pokemanmdj View Post
    Worst shiny experience...
    Well, I haven't run innto a whole lot of shiny's, but my third time running into one was awful.

    In Emerald, I was fighting Registeel. Surprise surprise, it was shiny. I tried my hardest to catch it (you have no clue ><) but in the end, it struggled itself to death.
    Ouch. :x

    Originally Posted by heyo View Post
    Worst shiny experience? I have two; one happened to me and the other happened to my friend.

    What happened to me actually started out as the best shiny experience ever. I started a new game on my Crystal version for fun, and ended up saving over my old file because the day care gave me an egg that hatched into a shiny Tyrogue. I managed to get that thing into a level 40 Hitmonchan, which was my best friend at the time. Then, one day, while I was playing it at a summer camp program, a kid took my Gameboy from me, released my Hitmonchan, and saved the game. I cried for two days.

    What happened to my friend had me laughing for two days. One day, he was playing his Crystal version at my house, and managed to find and catch a shiny Krabby. He evolved it into a Kingler, and was really happy because it learned Guillotine. Then, my other friend threw a pillow at him. This pillow, which was tossed very lightly into his direction, had slightly hit his Gameboy in his hand. This caused the game to restart, and somehow delete his save file.
    Oh gosh, that first situation is just horrible. :< (and that is exactly why I have to monitor anyone playing my Pokemon games, for fear of something happening to my shiny Pokemon, let alone the rest of them. )

    As for the second situation, that had me laughing quite a bit (and I can speak from experience because, as mentioned in my previous post in this thread, the same thing happened to me, only I didn't get a pillow thrown/tossed at me. :cer_laugh Those GameBoy game files must be a bit fragile/delicate if a mere pillow can cause a game restart and file deletion...

    Originally Posted by heyo View Post
    Actually, this just happened to me right now.

    And I don't even have my Pokedex yet.
    Originally Posted by Pingouin7 View Post
    Personally, I'd have used a cheat to add Pokéballs to my bag while in the battle.
    Wow. :o I didn't even know there was a cheat to modify Bag items while engaged in battle (on VisualBoyAdvance, that is...).
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