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Okay, new question.

So I'm working with puddles and terrain tags. Like in third gen, you know those little pools of water, you step on them and your reflection shows, but you can't surf or fish or anything, right? Terrain Tag 6 has the reflecting still-water, but it's surfable. So I checked to see if anyone else had asked about terrain tags for puddles, and they had.

Maruno told them this:
You'll need to make a new terrain tag that just shows reflections, then.

Firstly, read up on terrain tags in the wiki. Note that the editor can give tiles any terrain tag at all, not just the ones listed in the table there, so it's easy to just give your puddles terrain tag 14.

As far as I can imagine, all you need to do is edit a single line near the top of Spriteset_Map:

if,nextY)!=6 &&,nextY)!=14

Add the stuff in red. I think that's all you really need to do. If you want other effects, such as changing the battle backgrounds to depict a puddle environment, you'll need to make a few other changes too.
Cool, I thought, let's go do that. So I check out Spriteset Map, and as far as I can tell, it's been changed a bit since then.
The line that I think was previously referenced now looks like this:
...Huh. Okay, well, I tried throwing on that bit in red anyway, and some... very strange things happened. Tiles disappearing and the screen going to black. Well, that must be wrong.

What would be the proper way to go about setting up a new terrain tag for puddles, given this code's apparent revision? Or am I just ah, missing it?
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