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    Tokyo Gym


    The boy wasn't stupid, he'd grant him that. Stryker watched as the battle progressed, noting the man's words about the Knights outside the Gym. If they got in, they'd only get in the way of the RDM, and Stryker certainly did not want to lose the boy. The Purrloin stalked a few steps closer to the front doors, then sat again. As the boy sent out the Rufflet, Stryker cocked his head. What does this boy have in mind? He was just a few steps away from the doors when the Steelix tripped over the Grass Knot. The Zoroark was struck again with the feeling that this particular human wasn't like others...

    All of a sudden, a member of the audience jumped out of the audience. “Hmm, you seem to have mastered that Rufflet’s skill. The one you poached off of me!”

    Stryker settled again, the doors within reach. Then again, the boy was like other humans: selfish. As the two humans argued, Stryker turned to leave for reinforcements, only to back up hurriedly as the Knights barged in and surrounded the two boys and Jasmine. Don't notice me, don't pay any atte-- Snap. One of the Knights' Pokemon, a Houndour, was between Stryker and the doors. The Houndour looked smug, as if he knew he'd cornered a pathetic little Purrloin. <Here, kitty, kitty.>

    "Trust me, you don't wanna mess with me," Stryker growled back quietly, his illusion flickering for an instant. The Houndour's smug look was replaced by confusion as he gave another sniff - from a few steps away, anyways. "Yeah, I'm not the defenseless 'kitty' you think I am. Now scram."

    The attention of both Pokemon was drawn to the humans as the ground began rumbling. "What the--" Stryker staggered against the wall as the floor broke open in several places, concentrated on the Knights, who fell into the magma. Magma. Stryker looked around, noticing the Pokemon that were able to flee or escape the crevices. Where had they come from?! Who'd opened them up?! His eyes locked onto the boy, who yelled, “I think the word you’re looking for his GOODBYE!” Then struck down the last Knight. As the boy collapsed, Stryker was out the door.

    The Purrloin was a streak as he ran from the Gym, ignoring the nearby humans. They were more focused on wondering if an earthquake had struck, or what the Knights of Valor might be doing inside the Gym. Stryker stopped when he was at the end of a dark alley, eyes unfocused. He can do it, that rat was right, he can really raise magma, or open up the ground, or whatever, he just did it, WHAT IS HE?! Stryker slapped himself, trying to take deep breaths. Calm down, no need to panic, you didn't get caught in one yourself. The kid collapsed, so it's not like he can repeat that anytime soon. I doubt that he'd do it so often, either. One thing was for sure, though. Stryker's superiors had ordered that the boy be captured if he displayed anything like that.

    "What happened?" Stryker looked up. Chan and a few other Pokemon were in the alley, looking at the Zoroark. His illusion must have dropped. "What happened?" the Hitmonchan repeated.

    Stryker grinned. "The time to wait is over."


    The entire time that Stryker was gone amounted to a few minutes. A Murkrow and Pidgeotto watched the Gym's windows, while the ground was watched by a Mightyena, Growlithe, and Pawniard. Not necessarily enough to guarantee that the boy couldn't escape, but Chan hadn't had much time. Ignoring the humans that watched, the Tokyo teenager Trainer and the Hitmonchan at his side walked up to the Gym's doors and entered. Once they were in, Stryker's eyes glanced around, looking mostly for the boy. At his side, Chan itched to spring into action.

    It would be embarassing if the boy had disappeared while Stryker was gone.
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