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    Originally Posted by CloysterOyster View Post
    I saw that they leaked a Pokémon named Ninfia, which would be Ninfeon in English. It does look like it has Milotic's colors on its ribbons. Some say it's a Flying-type because of its appearance and some say Bug-type because "ninfu" in Japanese means nymph, as in the immature stage of an insect. It might be a Normal-type because of its cuteness and colors but we'll have to see.
    Nymphs aren't bugs, they are a type of Fairy that embody an element to create a physical form. They are a type of spirit only so it being based on a Nymph would make it a ghost type.

    Someone found the meaning of the name to be based on a French Ribbon made of Nylon or other types of fabrics used on embroidery for things like dresses, curtains and other decorative items like that.