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    Firstly, this looks pretty epic, and all the screens seem really high quality. I have some questions...

    Did you make the map editor yourself? It looks good. If so how did you define the map format? Are movement permissions etc. stored on the map or in a separate file?

    Your menus look really clean, and judging from the screens you've got a lot of the functionality done too. How much code (if any) is shared between different menus? Because I'm going through doing mine at the moment and I haven't written a base Menu class but thinking maybe I should...

    Why is the window bigger than the rendering screen? I presume it won't be for the actual release? Also is the window resizable, and if so how are you dealing with the menu graphics in different windows?

    Your gender icon is red for male. Shoudn't it be blue?

    Finally (sorry to ask this), when can we try it out?
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