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Lucy's expression became something of subtle amusement at the way Mako phrased things. "Yours, huh?" she asked, only the slightest note of warning in her tone. However, it was difficult to take her seriously with the smile on her face. Sorry, Koto. I'm too busy flirting with a dude to take care of you. Not really though. One hand drifted to her stomach as if to gauge whether she had accidentally snuffed the poor boy's life from existance. She couldn't feel him moving... That's bad, right? She wasn't sure considering how docile some of the others had been in a similar situation. Her expression had become somewhat serious for the moment being. "Where did you say you were from again?" she proceeded to ask Mako, her expression softening immediately upon disregarding her prisoner for the moment being again. For the moment being, she was challenging Mako to take it a step further, see if he had the guts to propose something to her. Not freaking fair. Her guts are like THIS BIG right now. A hand drifted to her hip, an expectant look on her face. There was no escaping this one, Mako. The elephant in the room was now in the spotlight and nobody would be able to pretend they hadn't noticed afterwards. As a bonus, she was readily able to check up on Amy while she discussed things. Speaking of which, she was becoming rather worried about the smaller girl. I mean sure nothing had /hit/ her, but Lucy didn't think people normally passed out like that. She focused her power into the form of a wish, and then bestowed that power onto Amethyst, attempting to heal her of wounds she wasn't certain Amethyst even had. Meanwhile, Jubilife lurked on the horizon, definitely not a heap of rubble.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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