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    Ordinarily, I would wait longer to allow more people to (potentially) respond, but since this is the very first command of the story, I feel I ought to move on relatively swiftly. Future updates will not occur so quickly.

    Also, there's no need to maintain Othodox's gender ambiguity. I did it purely so that readers might decide on it for themselves.

    > Go north and yell out the window.

    You're beginning to feel slightly spooked by the silence, and decide that the best course of action would be to engage in some vigorous yelling. Since the potted tree is unlikely to respond, you decide to yell out of the window in the hope of attracting a response - and, pleased to have settled on a course of action, you stride confidently over to it and draw the curtains. You suck in a deep breath, and let out the mightiest yell you've ever heard - a yell that echoes out across the boundless forests to the north like the roar of a Tyranitar, like the howling winds that bear Suicune across the face of the earth, like...

    Like the ominous wave of silence that washes back over the town as your voice dies in the still air.

    You frown. Below you are the trees that mark the northern boundary of New Bark Town, and frankly not much else - your house does not appear to have a back garden. You wouldn't normally expect anything to be there, but somehow today there seems to be... even more nothing there than usual.


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