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    I wonder if Charizard and Gyarados's types have been altered to Fire/Dragon and Water/Dragon respectively...?

    On Challenge mode...
    Cheren's Munchlax = haxz0rz. Seriously. You MUST have a mankey with Low Kick to scr** him over. Otherwise, you'll just keep losing because Covet and Rock Tomb will destroy your face. Twice. The other problem is Teddiursa, mainly for its attack power and... Covet. Tip of the day : don't say a psychic type to Minchino (spelling?), he'll destroy your face with thief. The rest should be rather straight forward, especially if you have still Mankey alive. Look out for Work Up though.

    Roxie, on the other hand, is a bit more manageable as long as you destroy Trubbish as fast as possible with Kirlia and Psybeam. Otherwise, he'll set Toxic Spikes twice (that means badly poisoned the moment a non-levitate or non-Flying enters the ring). Once is manageable (just a normal poison) but avoid two at all costs. If you only send in Ralts, he'll destroy it with Gunk Shot (ie. 120 base-power). There's possibility that he'll use Explosion too, so be careful. The other problems : Golbat and Seviper. Slow Golbat down if you can. I suggest ElectroWeb by the Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree line (Normal ver. of the hack only). Seviper is... well, you need a tank or somebody fast enough to throw some quick damage in before he screws you over. Whirlipede has Steamroller, so, it can be a surprise buttsecks. Everybody has Venoshock, so be careful. Magnemite isn't a too good of a choice for the fact that four of her Pokemon can it pretty hard. For exemple, Croagunk has Drain Punch...

    Might continue that later on for those who looks after advice without looking at the docs.
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