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    Pokecommunity's Matchmaker Event!

    Courtesy of Bloodex, Kura, and Forever!
    (Matchmaking Closes 17th of Feb; Other threads are open until the end of Feb)


    What is this thread?
    Welcome to the Pokecommunity's Matchmaker Event! Feeling a little lonely on "Single's Awareness Day" (AKA Valentines)? We're here to help!

    This is a thread where you'll get to meet someone new! And may be able to pair up with said person, or just make new friends! For those of you who don’t know what pairing is, I highly recommend you click here before proceeding.
    After having been paired up with a person, you can then take part in other optional competitions such as the Newlywed Game ( here ), or just get to know each other better in our Couple's Chat ( here!)
    Please note that you don't NEED to apply here to participate in the other events, especially if you already have a pair or event-partner!

    So how do we get paired up?
    You're able to apply here for our Valentines day fun even if you already have a pair! (Look at our Categories below for more info) And also, the couple events to follow allow pairs already in existence to join! So whether you have someone now or are waiting for our matchmaking magic.. there'll be something for everyone.

    All you will need to do is apply here with at least 4 words about yourself, and what category you are interested in pairing in! Give us a bit of time, and we'll work our magic. But READ ON! The way we pair you all depends on you and your application!

    We will be coupling people together by 3 categories. As stated above, when applying just tell us a little blurb about yourself (optional, but please write at least 4 words!) and tell us what category you'd like to be in.

    Regular Pair: (Not to be confused with Friendly-Pair.) These are for people looking to be paired for both the event, and maybe on PC once the V-day events are over. This is a friendship pair, but is different from the other two categories. If you're looking to be paired JUST for the V-day event, OR just wanting a new friend, please look at our Friends or Romantic Pair categories!
    Ooohhh, this looks like fun! I'd love a pair who's a Brony! I love My Little Pony! I also love the colour blue and politics!
    Name: Bloodex (Dipu)
    Pair: Regular Pair!
    Romantic Pair: Need a special someone? This category is for those who want a little bit of love ;3~ This category is set up for the event.. but if you find the "dates" are going well, then you are welcome to stay paired. All you need to do is tell us your gender and your orientation~
    IMPORTANT: No genderbending please, as some members may want to take this more seriously!
    Hi there! I'm a 23 year old from Canada who loves videogames and drawing. I can be pretty serious at times but I like to think I have a good sense of humor, too.
    Name: Kura
    Pair: Romantic pair! (F) (Straight)
    Friends Only/ Friendly Pair: This is for people who are already paired to someone else on PC (or those who don't want a PC pair,) but just want to make new friends for this special time of year (and maybe friends who will last a lifetime.) So basically this is for people who want to remain OFFICIALLY UNPAIRED. You can enter the other events with this new friend, but make sure they don't have another pair they are joining with instead! Basically, you’re "paired" with someone at random! That means gender or description won’t be put into the decision when Bloodex and I put you two together, but it might help ;3.
    Ooohhh, this looks like fun! I’d like to join!
    Name: Bloodex (Dipu)
    Pair: Friendly Pair!
    Note: We will try our hardest to pair everyone up, but please note that we might get some odd numbers here, and we might have to pair you up as friends if we don't get enough Pair/Romance-pair applicants.

    Other FAQ!
    When do we know when we're paired?
    Just check back here on the first page on the evening of the 17th (might be the early 18th for Australians, sorry!) to see who you're paired with! Bloodex and I will try our best to find you a fitting match!

    Okay, cool, but how to we actually get paired up?
    Well, that’s a great question! It’s going to be rather simple, actually. After Bloodex and I categorize everyone, we’ll do the following:
    We're going to randomly pair up friends (with numbers) so people get a chance to talk to people they usually wouldn't! For the romantic matchmaking and maybe for regular pairs (depending on how many entries we get,) we will read their descriptions (if they have it) and pair them up that way. A bit of half and half- randomness and matchmaking magic ;3~

    Important/Disclaimer (courtesy of Dipu)
    Neither Kura nor I is responsible for any feelings of incredible passion that one might experience for their pair during this event. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact either myself or Kura! (Also if you have suggestions to contribute, please feel free to PM either of us! :3)

    So, without further ado, let’s let Cupid do his magic~
    ~Yuugiou Fan~
    ~Kamen Rider Fan~
    ♡(´・ω・`)LOVE! ☆
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