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    Originally Posted by Hexogene View Post
    This is looking really nice. I think Java is a good choice, due to being available and installed on pretty much every computer and its a lot faster than some other languages I've been seeing used in engines so far.

    An important question for me is, how modular your code is. Is it possible to exchange parts like the battle system or some menus without having to rewrite existing code? I'd be interested in seeing a Pokemon game more optimized for laptops/desktops, thus using the larger screens and higher processing power.

    At the moment, the systems are all hard-coded, for simplicity while I get everything working and all the data available. But my end plan is to allow a modular menu and battle system like you said. I've seen it done well (example being ModLoader for Minecraft) and I plan on setting up a basic abstract system for menus and the battle system, and then allow people to code different styles of menus, and have them implemented by just putting some class files into a folder along side the game. But that is very far into the future of development.

    Originally Posted by andytu View Post
    Firstly, this looks pretty epic, and all the screens seem really high quality. I have some questions...

    Did you make the map editor yourself? It looks good. If so how did you define the map format? Are movement permissions etc. stored on the map or in a separate file?

    Your menus look really clean, and judging from the screens you've got a lot of the functionality done too. How much code (if any) is shared between different menus? Because I'm going through doing mine at the moment and I haven't written a base Menu class but thinking maybe I should...

    Why is the window bigger than the rendering screen? I presume it won't be for the actual release? Also is the window resizable, and if so how are you dealing with the menu graphics in different windows?

    Your gender icon is red for male. Shoudn't it be blue?

    Finally (sorry to ask this), when can we try it out?
    Everything about the engine I have coded myself, except a library to read in the sql-lite database from (Props to Eevee for that, it makes everything SOO much easier). I am still messing around with the map format, right now it has two layers, and a movement permissions map, but I am considering allowing infinite (or just a of lot) layers and doing movement permissions based on layers, which would work a little better in the end and allow maps with much more vertical movement.

    The menus share a bit of code, mostly to make it easier to stack them (eg. Pokemon menu on top of item menu for choosing which Pokemon to use an item on and so on...). A base menu class is also useful, as it simplifies rendering the menus, you can just abstract a simple render() function and have the player have a Menu variable and a Boolean to tell the engine to render the menu or not. Or just a null check. Makes menu handling a lot easier.

    The JFrame is really pissing me off, I have no idea why it didn't pack the window correctly, and though I fixed it, I don't really know what I did to fix it lol. The window is NOT re-sizable, as that requires a lot more flexibility in my code, and I'm not ready for that yet. At some point I will probably add a zoom function (1x to 4x like VBA maybe), but a re-sizing window would probably cause a huge amount of bugs. I also probably messed up the symbol colors lol.

    I am not sure when I will be releasing the first alpha. I want to have some sort of content finished before I release anything, but that might take a while. Like I said in my previous post, the battle system's move effects take a LONG time to do. I have about 50 of 340 done at the moment... And some of them require a huge amount of work, like Transform or Mirror Move or crap like that. So maybe after I am satisfied on having a good part of the battle system finished I will put out a alpha.

    Thanks for the interest!
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