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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    If we were getting two wouldn't they both have been shown? Only Ninfia is shown for the movie which could mean we only get 1 Eevee Evolution this generation.
    Originally Posted by GolurkIsDaBomb View Post
    I honestly don't think ninfia will have a new type, unless a ribbon or fabirc type is created :P. I'm thinking flying at the moment, I think.

    Also, as to Logiedon's idea, it could just be that Ninfia is an all female evolution - as female eevees are rare, so it isn't super easy to obtain.
    That's true. A female-only Eevee evolution is possible, but that opens the door for a male-only as well which now I'm considering less likely from both of your responses. Instead of a fabric/ribbon/pure-type they can include a specific hold-item available to evolve the Eevee; most likely a ribbon or bow-like item.

    Seeing how Ninfia can be somewhat special than most Pokemon (because of its mini movie appearance) that Nintendo can put some special things implemented in the game for Eevee to turn into a Ninfia. Sort of like Shaymin into Sky-Shaymin.

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