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So I've been feeling this for a long time, and I think I've found a good way to deal with this issue. Because the server isn't exclusive to PC, many other users join the server, and a lot of times they don't speak english. The way it seems to be dealt with, which is something along the lines of, "please speak english here" "speak english, first warning" or even just being straight up muted, doesn't seem right to me. If a user were to break another rule, we wouldn't immediately mute them, and they would have plenty of warnings! I think what it adds up to is the rule being constantly broken, and so patience with non-English speakers has grown thin. Along with this, I think we need to consider the feelings of these people. The rules literally just say "English only." This could easily be interpreted as being somewhat racist (and I know that some people who have broken the rule and who I've then explained the rule to them feel this way). I'm not sure if it's within the power of the admins to change what the rules say, but this should be amended, as no explanation and then no explanation when being muted just makes people angry as we've seen countless times). And I know we don't want to turn people away from the server!

It all boils down to simple miscommunication and lack of patience, I think. And this can be fixed. At the very least, we can provide a summary as to why the rule is why it is, and we could easily just c + p the link. Sure it'd be a bit of a hassle, but at least we'd be trying not to offend people!

I'm honestly really happy to write an explanation, as I feel really bad whenever I PM the people who have been muted, and they're hurt and confused because of it.

So here's a mock version (or real version if it's good enough. :P I'll put it in a spoiler, as this is becoming a long post haha)

6. English only.

Okay, so yeah this rule seems very blunt. While I didn't write the rule, here are my reasons for enforcing the "English only in the Main Chat" rule:
  • Here's the main reason: This is an English server. Typing another language on the main chat where few to none understand said language, is basically like spam. Not to say a certain language is spam, but it's all in context!
  • Like I said in the reason above, few to none probably understand said language, so whatever you're saying could be an insult, a slight - we don't know.
  • Lastly, most of the time people type a language other than English into the chat, it's to find battles with other speakers of the same language. There are PMs, after all, where you can speak any language you like! (not sure on this) Feel free to speak said language in a battle chat though!
Link for google translator if necessary:

So I think that that's all i wanted to say. Sorry if that seemed... uppity (can't think of the word I want to say, meh) but I feel like it's an issue that's been kind of hanging around for a while now. I hope this is helpful and I didn't come off as too.... uppity. (maybe snobby is the word I'm looking for?) I'm just trying to help! :D
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