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Em I'm not really certain how this works but I'm looking for:
Scizor or scyther( I can evolve it myself)
no eggs moves
flawless or near flawless
I would very much like it to be shiny but the ivs are more important to me

Could you trade or breed me one? I don't know if I have anything you'd be interested in apart from shinies: umbreon,rapidash,tyranitar,metagross,gyarados and basculin(lol) I also have a shiny haxorus with 30 atk ivs and 28 speed ivs and I have yet to claim the in game shiny dratini other than shinies I have a bold ev trained lugia with 31 def ivs timid ev trained kyogre with 31 sp.atk ivs a liechi berry :/
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