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Finally! My challenge is complete! Had a lot of trouble against Lance but managed to pull through. Gary is a disappointment though. Far too easy to defeat. And in the end, I didn't manage to buy the remaining TMs to properly outfit my party. Heh! I AM NEVER USING LICKITUNG EVERY AGAIN.

Final team:
The Duo: Porygon Lv. 56
Psychic|Ice Beam|Thunderbolt|Recover

The Valentine: Pinsir Lv. 56
Rock Slide|Brick Break|Earthquake|Swords Dance

The Gift: Vaporeon Lv. 55
Surf|Aurora Beam|Bite|Quick Attack

The Flower: Venusaur Lv. 55
Razor Leaf|Sleep Powder|PoisonPowder|Synthesis

The Attraction: Dodrio Lv. 56
Tri Attack|Drill Peck|Attract|Fly

The Pink: Lickitung Lv. 61
Return|Shadow Ball|Surf|Flamethrower
Terriermon and Lopmon

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