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Just Awake by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This isn't the actual music video nor a lyrics video, mind you. It is something I made. And is a shortened version. :p Here's the full version if anyone wants to listen to 3+ minutes of japanese goodness. ;p I'll start by saying that it is something very unconventional. It has autotune (I think) as well as screamo. I'm not a fan of either. If someone told me to listen to a jap song with autotune and screamo, I'd definitely give a 'you a weirdo? Why are you trying to recommend **** to me?' look, haha. Anyway, I'll talk about the song itself - never before has a japanese song like this ever made me love it. Granted, I can't understand japanese and wouldn't even know what the song means without reading translated lyrics, but there's always more to a song than the lyrics. A good song can effectively convey its meaning and strong emotions even if the viewer isn't someone who can understand the language the song is sung in, you know. :p I like the instrumentals in here. The song has a really, what's the word, 'cheerful' or 'upbeat' feel to it. Then there's the fact that I've always been a sucker for songs with a fast pace too, lmao. So yeah, love the voice (no matter how much editing it has undergone, if any), the instruments used, the pacing as well as the 'feel' of the song. <3; On a side note, it is the ed for Hunter X Hunter (2011) anime. I found it while watching that, just so you know.