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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Hey Everyone. I wanted to keep Dark Rising 2 information as secret as possible for now on, but due to me being too busy of late, I'll be making a Team Thread over at the Team Discussion section. It's actually not school work that's keeping me away from completing Dark Rising 2, it's everything else Entertainment. Since 2013, there's been so many great TV shows New & Returning, that I can't stop watching and either want to catch up on or want to get into badly. Then there's video games. Since 2013, there's a lot of video games that have come out or are coming out soon that I'm going to be too into and will most likely keep me away from the hack somewhat(Fire Emblem: Reawakening?! DmC?! Can you blame me?!) Soooo I'll build a team! Like the Dark Rising Team! That'll against all odds, help me complete the sequel!.......
    ....Okay, I'll stop being silly. But really, if you've got some Good Rom hacking skills and want to seriously contribute to the sequel, head over to the section within the next 3-4hrs and sign up. I only want devoted and dedicated hackers who are going to put effort into it.
    Well, if you're good and into the idea, hope to see ya there!

    <-Goes back to watching Robot Chicken & getting ready to kick the Ebony Warrior's A** in Skyrim

    I Also got a good news...Dark rising 0.5 are 98% finished and Im gonna to sent back to its owner.Perhaps Ill able to sent it tomorow OR the next day after tomorrow
    Anyways,overall already been changed...
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