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Well, I have a lot of games that I'm in the middle of a playthrough of and still own, so I guess that could count as games I'm "still playing". However, since there are so many of them, I'll just list the ones I've played fairly recently (within the past month), and also where I'm at in those games. They're listed from most recently played to least recently played, and games I'm doing Let's Plays of don't count. I'm also on my first playthrough of all the games listed (except the last one).

Pokemon Black 2 - Just recently got my fifth badge and have a list of 50-summat Pokemon to train before challenging the next gym. Fun times.

Super Mario Galaxy - OMG I love this game, and I so want a Luma as a pet. Just found Luigi hiding in a tree from an evil bug, and spent about an hour carefully rolling on a ball across colourful machine parts. Did I not mention I love this game?

Chrono Trigger - I'm almost done with this game, so I'm excited about finishing it. Of course, I spent like the last two hours just trying to get Crono back, and instead I ended up defeating the first phase of the final boss and getting the ultimate weapon for my favourite character (Lucca). Funny how that happens.

Kirby's Epic Yarn - A platformer where I don't have to worry about dying... I haven't seen this since certain Wario games! Just defeated the first boss (this patchwork dinosaur thingy) and unlocked the second world.

Super Metroid - For the longest time I was stuck right near the beginning of the game. You won't believe how stupid I felt when I just recently discovered (by accident) that you can open red doors by shooting five missiles at it. Well, that's what I get for not having the manual I guess. But now I can actually like this game like I'm supposed to!

Mario Kart Wii - Few things help we wind down after a hard day than cruising along all the courses in this game on the 50cc Grand Prix. Haters gonna hate me for just playing this game casually.

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