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Originally Posted by DD90 View Post
Hey, just start playing Victory Fire Beta 3.2 from 4shared, and have a few questions...
1. Is this the final version?
2. Can you breed and where?
3. Are all the legendaries available?
4. Can you catch all the starters (Gen 1-5)?

Sorry if the questions are basic, only passed the 1st gym so far.
I am enjoying the game so far and wants to thank the creator of this hack.
Beta 3.2 is not the final version,you can get the the latest version here,in the 1st post of this thread.

Originally Posted by Lex Luther View Post
where can i catch a feebas i know its on the pokedex but i searched it on the places where it should be and its not appearing is it becouse its very rare? and how to evovle togetic
Sorry,I forgot to put Feebas anywhere,so I think I need to put some in Jade Pass,you may need to land them by Super Rod.

Originally Posted by Tannerbot View Post
for the waterfall hm im completly lost i cant find the can by cayon pass...anybody have a picture?
EDIT: nvm i thought it was in the CAVE not the route
Yes,it is a cave,it is on Light Path.

Originally Posted by KaoTicZombieZ View Post
Where can you get a sun stone? Also I saw some people getting a gible as their starter. Is that possible?
The easiest way to get one is buying one from the black market of Marble City,as for the starters,there'll only be Axew avaliable for male player,Gible is for female player.

Originally Posted by ForeverEternal View Post
Does the current version of this game have the physical/special split for all attacks and types?
Yes,I do think so.

Originally Posted by sshelly View Post
I need to find Exert S. but I have no where to look. Help me?
After defeated him in 20 Century Company,go to Waterwave Path.You'll be able to find him in that house.
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