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I suppose you could say at one hand, I'm of a different opinion, and on the other hand, I'm indifferent.

We've went through five generations completely fine without a new type, and why would that change now? We've had strong Pokemon in certain types, and weak Pokemon in certain types, and that has happened in pretty much every single generation that we've ever really played Pokemon, and even competitively, this has managed to turn out fine. The only real reason I can see something being added is to actually nerf Dragon types which is a slight bit overpowered in my opinion, but you have to consider the likeliness of that happening. That, and most Dragon-types are dual-typed, which gives them more weaknesses so I always really question where it would fit.

Like say, if this "light" type was strong against Dragon, perhaps weak against Dark, that would fit fine for me. Dragon-types themselves only have two weaknesses after all, so why not incorporate the same with Light-type? Using that logic, I can see the Light-type fitting in fairly well within what we currently have, but again, I question why we really need it, because at this point and time, we just seem to be doing fine, so what's the problem? But then again, if we introduce Light-type in order to nerf Dragons, then wouldn't Light-type be the new dominant/overpowered type? That could cause quite a problem especially because most of our dark types don't really fare too well offensively(there are exceptions, of course). Maybe add in a Ghost weakness, and make sure Light doesn't run too rampant or something, idk.

But this is just my two cents here. @[email protected]

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