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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Coronis

    During their trip in the dark tunnel, Accatosh was silent, he did his best to tread lightly on the tunnel floor and simply listen to everything that was going on, The other Salamence was being rather noisy with his voice mixed in with his heavy tread, Accatosh searched through his mind trying to figure out who the Salamence was, he recognized the voice and with the voice came the dragon's thoughts and mentality. a memory surfaced in Accatosh's mind causing him to remember very well who this Salamence was. He was one of the other fighters at Gold City, the one who went on a rampage with bloodlust, at least that's how Accatosh saw it, the dragon had killed a large number of pokemon that day, his forelegs were painted red with blood.

    Accatosh however kept these thoughts to himself, making note to talk to Bloodthirster about their partially related past, and to question Dinorah about her bloodline. he then focused his thoughts on the task at hand, meeting this unknown leader of this anti-silver-tribe band and the liberation of Cape City, the city where his girlfriend lived, he was unsure if she was still alive or if she had joined this rebel group, his thoughts slowly shifted to her, Veletra Dragonfang, a beautiful Salamence, she was remarkable in every way. He shook his head and took deep breaths, calming and taking control of his mind.

    I need to focus on the task at hand, he thought to himself, then I can find out what happened to her. he continued on his way silently simply listening for anything that may be ether a threat, or friend, he preferred just as much as anybody else, to not fight in such close quarters, although from what he saw last night, such close quarters might work into their advantage.