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Alright, time for the result, people!


1) WinterKirby - fakemon with no description or name. 10 votes. (disregarding aryan's because he didn't really post anything apart from 'he gets my vote')
2) Corvidae - Ostrich Kappa Monster. 4 votes.
3) Alexial357 & Inferna - with Mikka and Bangoomgon. 1 vote each.

Congratulations to the winners! Though I haven't really prepared anything for the second and third place respectively, it is still commendable that you guys managed to grab those spots. And you always have the next contest to look forward to, right? ;] WinterKirby gets his gallery stickied for the next fifteen days. Or till the next contest ends. Whichever comes first. :p And he gets a shiny new emblem too! Here's the emblem, by the way:

Art Battle Winner

You won A&D's Art Battle - Congratulations! Now all ya gotta do is prepare for round 2~

Round 2 because you still have the future contests to look forward to. If you manage to win more, you'll get a better emblem next time. :D Anyway, yeah, awesome contest, people. I hope it becomes even more successful the next time we do it. :]
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