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    Adding some of my own opinions here:
    The rival mugshot and sprites need to be fixed,all 3 of them(mugshot,trainer sprite and overworld sprite) look nothing like each other. Also Team Magma grunts shouldn't really be so avoidable and the grunt that moves the rocks shouldn't be that close to them,it just makes it too obvious. I also don't think Maxie should be battled this early in the game,also while on subject of Maxie i also don't think he should be smiling in his mugshot but that's just my opinion.

    I also agree with a lot that Gmack said,especially on just using static pokemon sprites because it takes a long time for you or your opponent to send out your pokemon duo to the game needing to animate them. However the only map that is actually empty is the home town which is quite big but all the houses are at really great distance from each other.I cannot judge grammar however as i am not native English speaker and would probably just skip half of the grammatical errors myself.

    I would give this a 5.5/10 instead of 4/10 that Gmack gives as this looks promising and could turn out really good if few errors are fixed.
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