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Originally Posted by jessemkv View Post
Not only would that take really long, but I would also have to visit the Pokemon Leagues like 20 times a day just to be able to afford that

Anybody got an answer?
If you're worried about online playing, you only need to be lv50 (except the rare high level move/evolution of course), which can be obtained in minutes with Exp Share and challenging the E4/rebattling strong trainers.

Leveling your Join Avenue was a good suggestion, because Cafes/Dojos also train for EVs. If you plan to level/EV train lots of Pokemon, grinding Join Avenue ranks is the way to go. Each rank you achieve on your Avenue gives you a 1% discount, up to %40, so at higher levels the services are really cheap. If you're ever grinding strong trainers, don't forget to use an Amulet Coin.

To answer your question, though, using an AR for rare candies doesn't block you from Random Matchup or competitions.
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