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    > Try and recall what pokemon you had(?) and read bloodstained mail.

    Pokémon. Pokémon. Right, you're a Trainer, so you ought to have Pokémon... Well, you don't have any with you right now, that's for certain, but you're guessing that's because you've come home and didn't need them.

    Wait. In that case, how did you make it from Cherrygrove to New Bark?

    You stroke your chin pensively. This does not help.

    In any case, you remember that you had a Level 71 Feraligatr named Chompy, a Level 64 Ursaring named Teddy, a Level 66 Arbok named Morbo, a Level 62 Skarmory named Bertram, a Level 68 Raichu named Voltz, and a Level 22 Paras named Bugsy that you were power-levelling because that Hypnosis-spamming son of a gun Morty and his Gengar need to be taught a goddamn Spore-based lesson.

    None of these Pokémon appear to be anywhere nearby, so, shrugging, you turn to the Bloodstained Mail. Holding it by the corners with the very tips of your fingers so as to touch as little of the hideous gore encrusting as possible, you unfold it and read:

    I love POKéMON!

    It's from some girl named Lyra. Who is she, you wonder, and how did she get your email address? Even more importantly, why did she see fit to douse the message in blood before sending it? You lower the Bloodstained Mail, slightly worried about that and the increasing lack of life signs in New Bark Town, when something happens to drive all other thoughts from your head: you hear something hit the front door with a fleshy thump.

    And then you hear it gibber.

    You freeze.

    It seems that there's a little more than nothing out there after all.

    You're beginning to regret doing all that shouting.

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