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    For emulation purposes, no$gba has worked wonders for me, after I got the external zoomer on board. My laptop was built for gaming so I don't have any performance issues to speak of and I haven't encountered any errors on Platinum (yet).

    My intention, though, is to build a gamesave on no$gba, then when I eventually either repair my DS or buy a new one, transfer a (converted to DS) .sav file over to the good old R4 flashcart and play it on proper DS hardware. Emulation is great, but as is mentioned above by The Corrupt Plague, and seconded by Cerberus7, you can't beat the real thing.

    Still, needs must, and i've played on worse emulators.

    My only real issue is the lack of being able to battle or trade. That's kind of half the fun of Pokemon, and (as far as I know, and please do correct me if i'm wrong on this...) there doesn't seem to be a way to make this happen on no$gba.
    Pokemon Y Friend code: 2466-3718-0345
    Friend Safari Type: Bug (Ledyba, Illuminise and Heracross)
    Pokemon Y battle record 5-1-1 (W-D-L)
    Vs Non-Poke Community trainers:
    Wins: Sven (1) Lynah (1) Colin (1) Juan (1) Nathan (1)
    Draws: -
    Losses: Iceman (1)
    Vs Poke Community trainers:
    Wins: -
    Draws: - Chell (no result)
    Losses: -
    Please note I am a UK trainer, therefore our time differences for battle and trade planning purposes will be:
    New York time: -5 hours (e.g 12pm your time is 5pm my time)
    Tokyo time: +8 hrs (e.g 12pm your time is 4am my time)
    I am always free between 5pm and 8pm my time Mon-Fri, and 12pm - 12am at weekends for battles or trades.

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