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    I finally got the courage (read time) to send this here.
    Name: KriegStein
    Favourite pony from M6: Rarity for some reason... :'D She always made me laugh with her whiiiiiiiining.
    Origin of my bronism: Actualy at first I couldnt care öess for mlp. But then my closest friend decided to show me few episodes. She explained carefully why she thought the show was great and provided some proof. The episode we watched was the Canterlot Weddind (I think that was it) And it realy impressed me. I was positively suprised by the amount of work they actualy had put in a "kids" show. Also the singing caught my attention. This was the first time I heard singing in a cartoon in a long time.
    Also the show was pure mindless fun. I realy laughed and had great time watching it. Had the exact feeling like watching a disney movie. :D And no one is too old for a disney movie.
    After all of this I got slightly more interested towards the show. Then finally I decided to actualy watch the show. And now I have watched all episodes thanks to her (my friend) Hmmm.
    What else. I dont consider myself a hardcore fan. I enjoy the show and I like to talk about it. (still not my most favourite subject but still in my top 5) And yeah... :D If you would like to discuss anything then please contact me with a vm or pm.