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Originally Posted by Magic Christmas Lights View Post
I think the internet is wonderful. It's basically an infinite amount of knowledge at your disposal. So what if you aren't acquiring those means through other, more "difficult" means - knowledge is knowledge no matter where it's coming from. The internet is also a great way to share ideas - even just posting on this forum is a form of information exchange. Here we are, being introduced to opposing viewpoints in this thread that we otherwise would not be discussing IRL. Being exposed to different ways of thinking is beneficial and essential for the development of balanced views and reasoning. Typing out our thoughts like this is meaningful, in that it helps us learn to express ourselves and forces us to examine our knowledge to make our arguments.
This. Regardless of the medium it's presented in, knowledge is knowledge either way. Yes, I'd rather hold Da Vinci's, Einstein's, Locke's, etc, journals or works in my hands and read them that way, but what they convey and what they mean isn't just bound to the paper it was written on.
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