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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
This. Regardless of the medium it's presented in, knowledge is knowledge either way. Yes, I'd rather hold Da Vinci's, Einstein's, Locke's, etc, journals or works in my hands and read them that way, but what they convey and what they mean isn't just bound to the paper it was written on.
Certainly the format of knowledge (whether you read something in a book or the same thing from a website) has little or no influence on how well the knowledge gets across, but the internet is not just a different medium. The internet has everything. Compare that to a library A library is more limited in what it provides, and that's a drawback, but haven't everything available to you can be a drawback as well. You need to be more self-reliant on the internet, able to find the good information in a sea of unverified information. I'm not saying libraries are infallible, but you have to admit you're more likely to get accurate information more often in a library than from the internet. Anything can end up on the internet and pose as something of equal value to anything else on the internet.
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