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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
This. Regardless of the medium it's presented in, knowledge is knowledge either way. Yes, I'd rather hold Da Vinci's, Einstein's, Locke's, etc, journals or works in my hands and read them that way, but what they convey and what they mean isn't just bound to the paper it was written on.
But what is knowledge if we can't remember it?

The internet is such a wonderful thing, but besides making us lazy, it also keeps us dependent upon it. Compared to doing the hard work or experiencing something for ourselves, I personally think we as people remember less of what we find on the internet than what we acquire outside or from doing the work that the internet would usually just do for us. I'll admit, I know I'm guilty of this myself.

For example, I could read about camping and the different techniques of how to tie a rope or build a tent online, but that doesn't mean I'll remember it once I'm out there doing it on my own. I think while the internet is a great source for information, it doesn't compare to the knowledge we gain from doing the hard work on our own.

Having said that, I don't think it's impossible to at least use the internet to its full potential so we can still retain that knowledge and use it outside of a computer. Use it like a calculotor though, and we're probably going to forget what we learned by tomorrow.
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