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The whole "no repercussions about fights" thing seems to be born from a trope I like to call the "Demon School" trope, most commonly seen in anime, manga, and games (though also seen in Western media) that follow the exploits of a school (or a world, if put in a more subtle context) of inhuman or semi-human creatures...which happens quite a bit.

I think Disgaea 3, which in this case is the trope namer, is the best example of this. The teachers don't give a crap about whether the students act bad (though in that case, the teachers don't really give a crap about most things, such as teaching and rules and the like). Other things tend to do this as well, sort of implying that because they are not human, they are innately ferocious, and because of that, the teachers are far more lenient.

...Though I don't think that this is the best place for that trope. You'd think that the teachers would be far more strict (and far more adept) given the range of abilities and the natural strengths of the students, as well as their weaknesses to each other. Plus because...well...humans don't have powers or the natural strength that many youkai have, and since the youkai are learning to be human, you'd think the teachers would staunch and restrict such callous use of their powers for the sake of discipline.
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