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    Fun RP looks fun
    Name: Flare

    Allegiance: Survivor

    Gender: male

    Age: 13

    Species: Larvesta

    Appearance: Same as a normal Larvesta, but his fur is darker, the red areas of his body are a brighter shade and his eyes are green

    Personality: Flare is very intelligent for his species. He is mischiveous and used both that and his brains to make traps before the reign of Ghetsis. His traps gave him an edge during the reign. However, he has a timid nature, making it hard to make a team

    History: Flare lived with his father, a Volcarona, who taught him very powerful moves. He was very protective for Flare and they lived happily. Volcarona sometimes brought Flare to the forest to teach him how to survive in the wild, if the time came. Flare became more powerful each time.
    When Ghetsis took over, a group of Plasma Grunts captured Volcarona and tranquilized him. They took Volcarona back to their base. They then tried to capture Flare. They, however, did not know about his power, and unleashed a powerful Overheat and killed them.
    Then he knew he had to run and don't look back. After about a few hours, he found signs leading to a safe zone (battle subway). He almost didn't make it until a Trainer picked him up and brought him to battle subway. Obviously, he was on to him at the start, but he sensed that he was not evil. The trainer asked Flare to join his party to knock Ghetsis off the throne. He accepted, at a cost. He asked to help him find his father during the process.
    And Flare didn't care who got hurt as long as the family was reunited.

    Moveset: Overheat, Acrobatics, Wild Charge, Giga Drain


    Notes: none

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