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Cape City

Veletra was no longer able to hide her discomfort when the freaky little Sableye put an arm around her neck. She almost shivered when Snype mentioned what would happen if she was hiding something. It was then that she came up with a good lie. She was good at lying, better than anyone she'd ever known. "I apologize, my liege, I was unable to attend to the door because I've been back here most of the day working with my friend on turning the garden over. I'm planning to use this patch of earth to plant vegetables and the like, you see, and I needed fresh soil to plant them in. This parched grass was in the way, so I asked my Diglett friend to go underground and turn over the soil," she lied. She used Psychic to make some beans float from inside the house over to where the two were standing. "You see, I was going to plant these when Diglett was finished, but he decided to quit, so I had to shout at him to continue working, but he just up and left. That's why my garden isn't complete," Veletra said, motioning to the parched grass surrounding the upturned ground.

"I'm so sorry for this misunderstanding, sir,"