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    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    I don't have an issue with you personally, Eve. In the Zelda one, nothing came up.

    In SSBB, your character tried to murder mine. Obvious reasons for frustration there.

    In this game, Solo is...trying to murder somebody and accidentally almost murdered half a cafeteria.

    In comparison...nobody else in this game has tried to murder anybody, or anybody in SSBB. It's solely a problem with you literally trying to get away with murder.

    The only problem I can genuinely bring up with you as a person is the blatant misogyny of the "fangirls", implying that women are dumb and ruled only by lust, despite repeatedly being told that there's no interest there.
    Erm, let's see... In order...

    Our characters never interacted, so it'd be hard for that to be possible (hate that it didn't last long enough)

    Smash Bros... That was a test of strength. If anything, your character was more prone to murder than anything.

    This... Doesn't make any sense to me. I explain the reasonings, the characters' thoughts or actions, but that just doesn't seem to matter to you. I believe that, in a life-or-death situation, killing your assailant would be the only way to save yourself. There Werewolves were out to kill, and had far better chances of doing so on top of that. I don't think I've ever tried to "get away with murder" with any of my characters, as with every instance it was justifiable.

    "Fangirls" isn't something I'm creating, nor stating any actuality in (However there are some people like that, in either sex, usually it's just a phase for younger teens). Fangirls are something used for comedic purposes in many different stories. An anime-ish story seems more than welcoming to that sort of humor.

    So no, I don't actually think that. Never have I been sexist, or racist, or anything of the sort. I make fun of everyone equally.

    My point is that you seem to go after me specifically, and honestly it's a very uncomfortable position to be in.

    I agree with machomuu, in that they could create some sort of device to limit his powers. The question would be what he should do if he finds himself in a dangerous situation and needs his powers for defense. For example, if a Fairytale raid comes at the school.

    It'd be rather amusing to watch him complain about it, too.

    If such a thing is created, it could be ironically made into a collar.

    At least until he eventually is able to learn to control his powers.
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