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    Originally Posted by CaazoHD View Post
    im unsure of what version (stage) of this rom hack im using as i downloaded it from a link on shofu's youtube channel, im stuck at bronze port i think its called were the poison gym is (6th). The gym door woulnt open and i have just finished the event in the lighthouse. Town people say that 3 years ago the gym leader left but i cant find were. there is also a cave with a locked door which i belive to be mirage base. please help me asap as i love playing this game and would like to continue :D
    That gym will never open, don't worry about it, just go to Amberyellow Town (the city of the first Gym) and go west until you get to Mugwort Villa. And about that cave, that is indeed Team Mirage hideout, and you'll get the key for the door, but not now.

    And masterofthecards, to get Kyurem-B, you have to catch Kyurem first, and then give it a Thunderstone.
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