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    Originally Posted by PsytronicX View Post
    I actually think it'd be interesting if the villainous team could win and rule supreme for a fairly long period of time.

    Maybe that's just me. I like how N managed to defeat the League but I thought you beat him far too early after that, there wasn't really any time for it to get started.

    I rather enjoyed seeing the Plasma Frigate wreak destruction over Opelucid City, it's that sort of thing I think it'd be interesting to see in the new team. Using sheer force to maintain power.

    Again, like I said, maybe that's just me.
    Tbh I did too... same goes for when Galatic let loose that bomb which shock all of Sinnoh even all the way to Canalave city, and the whole taking the legendary lake trio and succeeding, sadly he had no use for them unlike N who actually used the legend he caught, Magma and Aqua couldn't control theirs...while Rocket ignored the legends completely, hmm interesting how there's a progression in the view and use of legends, perhaps the next group will capture the legend and rule the league as champ already by the time we arrive rather that right at the moment like with N who's rule lasted as long as Blue's in RGBY lol.
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