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    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    These events only came around because the assailants were comically evil, only to justify Solo trying to murder them. And, as I've pointed out, it's still murder, no matter how one might try to justify it.

    The issue with fangirls is that you're making it a fact of the world. If it were Solo's delusions, fine. If it was just one, fine. But an entire group of females in-world that definitely are that is extremely sexist; there isn't a single male among them.

    Regarding singling you out...I can see how it would seem like that, but no. I rib on everyone's characters that are ripe for it, even my own; as I've been doing with Ryuu being a pervert and Elene's ego.
    Still, it seems like criticism without any constructive aspect, with is just criticism. That's just plain aggravating, personally.

    You say that the purpose of a person's hatred toward Solo is specifically to justify Solo's attacking... That makes no sense at all to me.

    How am I making it a 'fact of the world'? And 'an entire group' is really only three specific girls. It's not like a massive crowd or something (which /is/ done in Anime, nonetheless).

    Yes, but those aspects don't seem the same. Mocking how a character is created is entirely different from mocking how they act or what they've done. This means that you are not criticizing Solo, you are criticizing decisions /I've/ made in controlling Solo. This is when it becomes a personal issue.
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