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    Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
    If the person hadn't attacked Solo, Solo wouldn't have tried to murder them. This person has no backstory or genuine reasons for doing so besides petty revenge; they're no antagonist or villain that has reasons for what they're doing, and they provide nothing for character development or the setting as a whole. If I were to give constructive criticism (Which is worthless at this point, and most people take offense to telling them how they should play their characters), I'd have built up this werewolf so he is a character himself. He could have served to explore Solo's prejudice against werewolves, comparisons between the two characters that could have led to deeper and more sympathetic relationships for both characters.

    Without any kind of development for this person, they're nothing but a catalyst for Solo to angst over.
    Do you not see that this fight is exactly that? As others came to help, there's something of an unseen connection now, between Solo and his saviors.

    Moreover, this certainly isn't the last time the Werewolf boy will be a problem. This is indeed part of a bigger plan, in time. You can't expect very much deep background between them on the second day, right? It has to be built up with time. All there is so far is a racial hatred between Lycans and Werewolves. And it is mutual.

    Also, now that Frio has gotten involved (and pretty much saved Solo's life) there's now a possibility for interaction between them /as well as/ some development for Solo. This was not a pointless endeavor; there was much reason behind it.

    I'm only taking offense to the criticism /because/ there is no construction to it. It feels as if the intentions are only to question every single move I make with my characters, instead of how I may better them.

    I just would like to prevent further problems. I love this community as a whole, and if I can get along with everyone I'll be completely happy.
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