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    Markz MMO Kit is an attemp to make a Pokemon MMO With online features. Right now the engine is still on beta, but is totally playable and is a very promising project. Thank you very much to Poccil,Flameguru,Maruno for his started kit with sprites, pokemon, attacks, etc.


    Same as Pokemon Essentials


    • Multi player game at same time
    • Savegame in a remote database online
    • Chat system and command system
    • Administrative tools for GameMasters
    • Debug mode only for GameMasters
    • Auto update system
    • Much more

    To do:

    Trade system - Markz is working on that right now
    PvP System



    Coming soon


    ESC - Back/Pause Menu
    ENTER - Choose/Interaction/Confirm
    F5 - Use registered item
    F6 - Show/Hide Chat
    F7 - Activate/Deactivate Chat
    SHIFT - Run


    see available commands: /help
    add friend: /baddname
    remove friend: /bremove name
    Show friend list: /bshow
    Create guild: /gcreate Name Password
    Eliminar guild: /gdisband
    Invite to a guild: /ginvite Name
    Exit from a guild: /gleave
    Guild information: /ginfo
    Send PM: /pmsend Name message
    Send PM to all friends: /pmall Name Message




    Setting up Tutorial

    1) Intro
    First of all, English is not my main language, so there may be some errors in this guide. Sorry for this.

    Also this guide is based on a Windows server. I can’t and will not help with a linux server.
    In this guide I made the server on windows vista (the hardest one) personal I suggest to build it
    on one that runs Windows XP or windows 7 (but all 3 windows should work roughly the same).

    2) Before starting up:
    Before you start you need to know how a MMO (Massive Multiplayer online) works and
    what comes in to run it.
    - First of all, MMO's normally run on a server, that’s a PC that’s on 24h a day and is always
    connected to the internet with a big bandwidth. Without it you can’t run your MMO.
    - Second, if you can’t run this for yourself (AKA an extra pc in your home on-line for 24h a day) than
    you need an online server.

    3) What do I need?
    If your reading this than I guess that you already looked into the manual that’s included in blizzard
    his awesome RMX-OS. If not I suggest to read it before starting. otherwise continue reading

    Before we start lest first see what you need:

    4) Let’s get started:
    4.1)Installing Ruby
    First of all install the Ruby 1.8.6 somewhere on your server. This should be a straight forward job
    and if you fail you can stop right here and cry in a corner. When you installed it, Extract the
    Ruby 1.9.1 package to the 1.8.6 install path and replace the needed files.
    Congratulations, you just installed Ruby 1.9.1.

    4.2) Installing the RMX-OS server

    Simply unzip the server folder where you want

    4.3) Installing MySQL Database
    Next we can get on with installing the MySQL Database. You need this because this is where all
    the data of the players get saved, its the new save system of your game. This is also where most
    people get stuck. MySQL has some nasty stuff in store. First of all you need to make sure your
    logged in into the administrator account of your PC (in XP this is every account).
    when your in the Administrator go ahead and install MySQL. this should be straight forward job.
    until you get to a screen like below:

    make sure you have "Configure the Mysql Server now" on
    and the "Register the MySQL Server now" off like the screen above. and press finish.
    the Configuration will pop up like below:

    Press next and the next screen will appear.

    make sure that you have the "Detailed Confuguration" on like the above screen and press next
    you will get the following screen

    Here you see 3 options. now its the time to think ahead. if the PC your installing the MySQL on
    is going to run other applications than its suggested to use the top option (like in the screen shot).
    If the PC is only going to run the MySQL than you can choose one of the other 2 options. If you made
    your selection press next and it will change to the following screen:

    For RMX-OS you need to select the "Multifunctional Databas". If you selected this press next

    Next you get to choose where the database will be saved. personal I suggest somewhere you can
    find it back easily. I installed mine into the Database folder of the "RMX-OS Server", but any
    place will do. if done, press next

    This screen you need to decide how many people will connect to your server at the same time.
    Its kinda the server limit. For a starting server I suggest to have around 20 peep and chose the
    top option "Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP". If you want to have more people than chose the lower
    option "Manual Setting" and fill in the right amount of people. Remember that the more people are
    connecting to your server the more bandwidth it will take.

    In the next screen make sure that "Enable TCP/IP Networking" is turned on or else the whole server
    might crash. for simple keep the port that is put up (3306). Also if your not a star in Firewalls make
    sure that "add firewall exception for this port" is turned on.
    Also make sure that "Enable Strict Mode" is on. than press next.

    next up is setting up the Default Characters.
    just enable "Best Support for Multilingualism" and everything should work fine. Press next

    This screen is to set up the Windows Service. put both "Install As Windows Service" and
    "Include Bin Directory in Windows PATH" on
    also make sure that Service Name: is set to MySQL.
    to automatic start up the database when windows start enable "Launch the MySQL Server automatically"
    This is Recommended because lots of stuff can go wrong starting it manual every time.
    Press next when ready

    The next 1 is important. this is where you set up the Root password. YOU NEED THIS PASS LATER so write it down.
    Make sure that "Modify Security Settings" is on and fill in a password.
    Do NOT turn "Enable root access from remote Machines" and "Create An Anonymous Account"
    when you filled in the pass press on next

    Now is the moment of truth and to see if you followed the tutorial.
    if everything is correct than the Database will be set up as soon as you press Execute.
    Press Execute and see what happens.

    If everything is done correctly you will see 4 blue V in the circles.
    if the wizard is stopped at "Start Service" or a error popped up look into the FAQ 1.1
    Otherwise, Congratulations. you just successfully created the hardest thing of RMX-OS

    5) Managing the MySQL database

    5.1) Install navicat

    Its very simple, no problem here

    5.2) Create connection

    After installing, open navicat and Go to File > New connections > Mysql...

    Then a windows pops up, and you need to complete with the information that you filled in the instalation of Mysql


    1. *In connection name: Put the name you want, recommended "test
    2. *In hostname / ipadress: Put the ip where the database are located, by default "" or "localhost"
    3. *In port: Put the default port 3306
    4. *In username and password: Put the user and password that you filled in the installation of mysql by default "root" and password in blank

    This is important: Before click "OK", press the button "Test Connection", if

    5.3) Create the database

    Go to the window division "Connections" > Secondary click on the connection that you just created ("test") > Select "New Database"

    Then a new windows pops up, and you need to complete with the database name, the name of the database need to be "rmxosdb"


    For last, click "OK"

    5.4) Importing database

    Right now you have your rmxosdb database created, the secondary click on it, a select "EXECUTE SQL File..."

    A new windows pops up, then you need to select the location of the sql file where the database are located


    Click on the "..." button, Go to the server folder you unzipped in the point 4.2, then go to the folder "Database" and select the file "RMX-OS SQL Database.sql",

    Finally click on "START"

    If everything is Okay, do double click on the Rmxosdb database, and you will see all the tables that were created.

    6) Config RMX-OS

    6.1) Go to the server folder that you unzipped in the point 4.2 and open the file "cfg.ini":
    Edit this file in the following lines:

    SQL_HOSTNAME = 'localhost'
    SQL_USERNAME = 'your MySQL username' - by default "root"
    SQL_PASSWORD = 'your MySQL password' - by default in blank
    SQL_DATABASE = 'your database name' - needs to be "rmxosdb"

    6.2) Run the file "start server.bat"

    7) Extra point: Other users connect in your server

    In order to another player connect in your server you will need to edit 2 things:

    a. In the server folder: Edit the file "cfg.ini" and in the line "HOST = ''" put the IP of your machine, in order to know it go to

    b. In the client folder: Edit the file "Game.rxproj", select the Script Editor tool, then go to the script "(RMX-OS) Options", and in the line "SERVERS.push(['Tepig', '', 54269])" Replace the ip with the ip of your machine that you obtain in the point above.


    9) Have fun!


    Poccil/Flameguru/Maruno - Pokemon Essentials Version 11
    Gamefreak - for Pokemon Sprites and trademark
    Jackolas for part of the tutorial
    Blizzard for RMX-OS System
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