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    Silently, Bay paced beside Lucy and Mako while listening to their conversation until his reserved nature caused him to continue reading the electronics magazine he started before. Soon he fell behind the group although he was within reaching distance although when Jubilife came into view, he put the book back into his bag and gazed ahead with a determined look.

    A furry tail sprouted from his rear and he dashed on ahead, past the group, into the grungy city that lied ahead. He Disliked this place and hadn't seen it since he was young although he knew that he would be able to defend himself from the city and comatose any adult that attacked. He was more worried about the children who were being abused and used as slaves in the area. Surprisingly the population was more sparse than usual. It wasn't outright noticeable although Bay could just tell. There was no sort of damage or outbursts of the sort going on in the area although the fact that adults controlled the area was still a definite for now.

    Bay paused in his feet as he approached a fenced area enclosing a tower that was half reduced to rubble with two dried and grungy fountains outside, two adults and a child on the ground, being kicked and spat on and sadly turned his head to the fact that the very thing that he hated was going on in front of him but he had a bigger thing to his concern, whatever leveled Eterna would be here soon but he was surprised that his group had gotten to their destination before their attackers but what if they were wrong? Bay balled his fist but turned as he head the boy yelping after one of the adults landed a solid hit on him followed by the sound of ribs cracking.

    The area was more brutal and disgusting than Bay had remembered but he knew that he couldn't allow this to prevent him from doing something. Bearing an enraged expression, Bay ran over to the area and swung an open hand at one of the men, who had an untrimmed beard although he wore a torn and dirty suit, causing him to tumble into one of the fountains. He grabbed the other adult by his leg and slammed him on the ground and pushing him down hard enough to displace the dirt but not hard enough to kill. With that said, looked at the boy, who was bruised badly on his check, and nodded before taking off. He hadn't alerted the city but he knew that he couldn't go around doing this sort of thing for every child.

    A realization came to Bay: If it was a singular force that destroyed Eterna then chances are it was done from the outside. If so then the people inside of the city would be endangered and also if the City was destroyed from the outside in one hit, then he wouldn't be able to do much from the outside. Bay sprinted around, while noticing the disturbed stare of a few adults but they probably thought that he was just running errands or something of the sort although his clothing did make him stand out amongst the children along with his bushy tail. He couldn't find Lucy, Mako, or Amy but he couldn't let this stop him so he continued his search for them, heading towards the entrance of the city.

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