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    How does one RNG on the 3DS XL for Pokemon Black 2? I am currently using PPRNG (for Mac) and already figured out my Secret ID. But I can't figure out the Timer0, Vcount, and Vframe for my game. Plus, synching my 3ds clock with an external one is next to impossible. I can't do it for the life of me. Trust me, I've already spend a good 2 hours trying to match it but no luck. I would bare with it and hope for the best but my tests bear no fruit. Is there another way around this? If there could be a helpful and detailed explanation on how to do this, I would be ever so grateful because I have spent days trying to do this. And please do not post a link from Smogon or anything like that because I have pretty much searched them all. The instructions are too obscure for me to follow and they only support the DS lite. Thanks