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    The cruise was really relaxing. We were all there relaxing with our pokemon. The breeze was blowing through our hair. We all started chating about our adventures before we encountered the Shaymin.

    I spoke of how my adventure started with Chimchar a few years ago. "We have been the best of buddies since, he holds an everstone because he dosent want to evolve until he is ready."

    "As for the rest of my Pokemon, I encountered a wild togepi, deerling and aipom, who now stand in my team as Togekiss, Deerling and Ambipom. I was given an Eevee for winning a Pokemon contest. It evolved into the perfect ice pokemon Glaceon. Celebi was a very special capture that happened when i was on my adventure with my friends, this was before we went our seperate ways. Celebi took us through time, to special moments and Celebi took a liking to me. It wanted to come with me on my journey to help keep time in balance, wherever we go."

    The Ship started rocking, we didnt think much of it at the time.

    So the others started talking about their journeys.
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