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Thank you! :D

Sure I'll make one for you. Just let me know what kind of siggy you want.


Photo/Subject ~ if you have a specific photo you want me to use. If no specific photo then include the subject you want in the photo and I'll find one that looks good. Ex: say you want one to include Pikachu but you don't have a specific photo you want me to use. I'll go and find a good picture of Pikachu and use that.

Size ~ size of the complete siggy (mine is the max 500 X 300).

Color ~ what color palate you want me to keep to (blues, greens, etc...)

Wording ~ what you want it to say

"Feel" ~ the feeling you want the sig to give off. Like cute, fierce, sad, angry, happy, etc... (this will effect the type of font and colors I use unless otherwise stated)


As for the RP. I am in the process of joining Xilfer123's and Megaman's story. I've been PMing Xilfer and we have come up with an idea on what we are going to do and then we are both going to merge back into Megaman's story eventually. I won't say what exactly to keep it a secret but I am in the process of writing up my "merger" right now. As soon as I am done with it I will be posting it. I should have it done later tonight.
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