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    chapter one (finale); FRIENDS AND RIVALS
    Chapo Currian // Route 2

    "I officially can't wait for Zelgius to evolve." Mia said, relaxing on Roland's back and grinning down at the pokeball of her new Deerling. Chapo walked beside her Grotle and friend, smiling. She didn't exactly want to ride Roland when Mia had to walk, so she offered to let the other trainer ride for a while. "This is surprisingly comfy! It makes me forget that I didn't really want a Turtwig as my starter."

    "Oh?" Chapo's curiousity was piqued. "What do you mean, aren't you happy with Zel... Turtwig? What on earth is that name supposed to mean, anyways?"

    "Zelgius? It's the name of a character in this video game I like to play. He's a knight in really heavy armour, and since Turtwig and its evolutions are heavily armoured with their shells, I figured it was appropriate. See?" Mia explained cheerfully. She opened up her personal computer and fiddled around with it, holding it up for Chapo and showing her a picture of a handsome knight in incredibly heavy looking crimson armour with a sword almost as big as him. "And I'm happy with Zelgius, really. I'm not saying I regret my choice... I just sorta wanted Treecko, to be honest. You see, I was born and raised in Forttree until I was twelve, Treecko reminds me of home. Somebody else claimed him first, though."

    "Forttree?" Wasn't that all the way in Hoenn? "That's pretty far off... so why pick Turtwig instead? Why not Torchic or Mudkip, aren't they Hoenn natives too?"

    "Well, Torchic was taken too, and I..." Mia frowned a little bit. "Well, I don't really like Mudkips much. But I wanted Treecko most of all because back in Fortree, you could look outside and every now and then you could see Grovyle and Sceptile flitting about from tree to tree. It was really cool to see, some of them were incredibly graceful, and their speed was awe inspiring. I almost wanted to be like them, soaring from branch to branch like fiends without any trouble at all. That's why I learned to move about in trees like I did when we were hunting for Deerling."

    "I was wondering how you managed to jump out of that tree without hurting yourself. And you were pretty balanced when you were up there too." Chapo said. "It was really cool... so why Turtwig specifically?"

    Mia grinned, her hands patting Roland's shell as the pokemon grinned cheerfully. "I guess I just have a fondness for grass types. You live in a tree for most of your life, I guess it's only natural. Snivy, Bulbasaur and Treecko were taken. I guess at the end of the day I liked Zelgius' spirit. He was pretty enthusiastic, and I'm sure you saw that I appreciate that kinda thing." Mia chuckled at the obvious statement. "Enough about me. What about you? What's your story?"

    "Oh, I don't have a story..." Chapo said gently. "I'm the oldest kid out of a big family, and I'm the first to get my own pokemon. My mom and dad are both trainers for pokemon gyms, though. My mom works in Fuschia and my dad works in Saffron. I loved playing with their pokemon as a kid, heck, I guess I still do now. And I'm fascinated with pokemon that aren't around anymore, read enough picture books about them to kids and their enthusiasm rubs off on you."

    Mia remained fixated on Chapo, resting her head in her hands. "The only pokemon my parents had is this sleepy old Swellow. Appearantly it used to be quite the scrapper, but all I've ever seen it do is laze about under the sun." The girl lifted up suddenly as her eyes widened. "Wait, you said your dad's a trainer at the Saffron City gym? Aren't they all psychics there?"

    Chapo could tell where this conversation was going, but decided to humour the girl anyways. "Well, I don't know if they all are, but I know where you're going with this. Yeah, my dad's a psychic..." Chapo sighed, digging into her pocket and pulling out a coin. "And I'm sorta... well, look." The trainer closed her eyes tightly, focusing on the coin in her open palm. There was a moment of strained focus before the coin fluttered about in her hand. Chapo could hear Mia gasp lightly as the coin stopped fluttering and jumping weakly and left her palm entirely. The moment of difficult focus over, Chapo opened her eyes and watched as the coin floated about in the air above her hand. "Telekinesis is about all I'm good at, and even then, well." Chapo swished her finger about in the air, mesmerizing Mia as the coin followed its lead in a swirling pattern. "This is about all I can muster." The fledgling psychic made the coin trace her name through the air in mild amusement as Mia clapped.

    "That's amazing!" Mia said, watching with wide eyes like a child watching a magician. "If I could do something like that, I'd flaunt it all the time!" Mia's declaration was followed up by a low, loud, rather undignified rumbling. The girl frowned and squirmed in emberassment, flushing darkly.
    "Uhhh... I think I'm getting hungry..."

    "Now that you mention it, I'm getting kinda peckish too..." Chapo muttered, rubbing her stomach and plucking a berry from Grotle's bushes. "We're almost at the rest station before Veridian Forest, though. We could rest at the cafe there and eat. Oh! We could have the Missing Number Special!" Chapo said excitedly. "It'd be a great way to start off my food log!"

    "Missing Number... what?" Mia looked rather taken aback by Chapo's words. "What're you talking about? What food log?"

    "Oh, this." Chapo pulled her red leather journal out and held it up for Mia. "The oldest of my little sisters gave this to me when I set out this morning. One of the things I really want to do on this journey is learn all about the different dining and tourism experiences all around Kanto, and then maybe try to make it into some sort of travel guide! And then maybe I could do the same to other regions as well!" The girl opened up her journal and started jotting a few basic notes down with a pencil. "The Missing Number Special..." She started to explain while writing. "Is a hidden menu item for the Veridian Rest Station Cafe not available to the public!"

    "Wait, wait, wait..." Mia held up her hands and shook her head. "If it's so hidden and missing and all that, how do YOU know about it? And how are people even supposed to order it if it's not there!? Do you even know what it is!?"

    Chapo just tapped the side of her head with her pencil, grinning. "Psychic dad, remember? He found out about it when I was a baby, and he's given me some of it a few times. What you have to do, is give the right code to the right cashier at the right time of day and then properly respond to her codes with more proper codes! It's all a very precise system! But I hear it's a six course meal with almost two hundred and sixty five ingredients!"

    "THAT IS THE MOST ABSURD THING I'VE EVER HEARD." Mia blurted out in her "it's time to duel" voice. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down with a long sigh before repeating, in a much calmer voice, "That is the most absurd thing I've ever heard." The humble rest station was now right in front of the pair.

    "Absurd or not, I'm going for it." Chapo said, helping Mia up off of Roland before returning him to his ball. "C'mon. Follow me, and let me do the talking." The two girls went inside, first handing their pokemon over to be taken care of. Tugging on the strap of her bag, Chapo immediately made a beeline towards the cafe. Mia followed behind, seemingly ready to bolt when Chapo inevietably made a fool of herself. The two girls stayed away from the counter, making themselves look rather foolish in the eyes of most of the patrons. Chapo, however, didn't mind. Her eyes were on the prize. "Her." She said, pointing to a red haired girl that had just gotten on cash.

    "Excuse me miss." Chapo immediately walked up to the cash register, smiling. "I'm a pokemon trainer, and I've just started. Would your grandfather be able to teach me how to catch a pokemon?"

    "What, but you just saw me catch a Dee-" Mia started to interrupt, only to get shushed by Chapo as the cashier, rather taken aback by this request, straightened up and adjusted her glasses.

    "I'm sorry, my grandfather is very cranky when he doesn't have his coffee, could you possibly try again later?"

    Chapo was entirely undeterred. "That's quite alright. I have to deliver a pokeball to a friend in Pallet Town, will that be long enough?"

    "Chapo you said you've never been to-"


    The cashier nodded quietly and smiled just a little bit. "Perhaps. And which pokemon, specifically, would you like my grandfather to catch for you?"

    "I was thinking a Weedle."

    "A very nice pokemon, of course. And what exactly would you do with that knowledge?"

    "I'd fly to Cinnibar Island, I think."



    "I hear Cinnibar Island is quite lovely this time of year. Would you be there for the hot springs, or for the research exhibit?"

    "Neither, I think what I'd love to do more than anything at Cinnibar is to surf along the coastline on my favourite pokemon."

    "When researchers first discovered Cubone, what did they think it was?"

    "A child Kangaskhan."

    "And what did some researchers mistakenly believe Metapod evolves into?"

    "Venomoth. And they believed Venonat evolved into Butterfree."

    The cashier was now beaming from ear to ear. "You're Chapo, Kit and Kat's oldest girl, aren't you?" She asked, a hint of amusement in her voice.

    "Dude, your parents names are seriously Kit and Kat?" Mia asked, trying to hide her lopsided grin.

    "Yes." Chapo cheerfully said the word to the cashier, before looking over at Mia and repeating it with a bit of a sour tone. "Yes. Technically Mom's is Katherine, but she gets all moody when people say the whole thing. Makes her feel old or something I guess."

    "If you'd like, Chapo." The cashier spoke up, waving for attention from the two. "You and your friend can go outside to the patio and we'll bring you both out a Missing Number Special, okay?"

    "Wait, so it's actually real?" Mia asked incredulously. "You actually have a secret menu item that requires that absurd exchange to order?"

    "Yup." The cashier said cheerfully, grinning from ear to ear as though she didn't see what the problem was. "Outside now, please. If everyone saw you two eating it, they'd all want it."
    Chapo started to drag a despondant Mia outside, ignoring her deranged mutterings of "most absurd thing I've ever..." and "how do they even make money on it?" all the while. By the time Mia snapped out of her funk, they were sitting under a canopy outside with drinks at the table.

    "For such an energetic person that was as flamboyant as a Roserade a couple hours ago, you're sure having a problem wrapping your head around this." Chapo leaned in and smiled reassuringly. "Y'know, something I've learned as a member of a psychic family is that sometimes, the less you worry about the hows and whats and whys of the world, the better off you are. When you run out of mysteries in life, well, you run out of fun." Chapo pulled out a battered old PokeNav. "Here, we're gonna split up from here after dinner, right? Let's exchange numbers and then we can keep in touch anyways."

    Mia shifted about, pulling up her sleeve to reveal a black and white Xtransceiver on her wrist. "Sure... do you, uhm..." The girl seemed rather uncomfortable. "The PokeNav... is yours?"

    "Well of course it is." Chapo said quietly, staring down at the beaten up piece of plastic with its chipped casing and cracked screen. "...after my mom was done with it..." The psychic gave a dejected frown as she turned the old thing on. "I have a big family." She said excusingly, frowning down at the PokeNav expectantly. The old device turned on, but instead of asking for instructions and displaying user information,the PokeNav just displayed a cryptic "Account Moved". Chapo frowned at the PokeNav in frustration. For all its age and abuse, the device had never given such an error screen... except when her mother had taken her own account off of it. "What's going on here... it's saying it's not mine anymore. did one of my brothers get at it?"

    "Maybe your parents replaced it for you but forgot to give you the new one?" Mia asked. "One time, my mother only realised she was going to surprise me with a cake an hour after she ate it."
    Chapo looked at Mia with a mix of horror and pity. "My, uh... my parents don't exactly do stuff like that. "I'm sure if my mom and dad had a gift for me, they'd give it to me before my siblings..." Chapo trailed off, remembering a detail from her departure from home. "Wait a sec, my Dad DID give me something!" The girl heaved her bag onto the table, rooting through it until she found the small wrapped box that her father had given her. Like a little girl at Christmas Chapo tore at the wrapping, leaving it in tatters on the table as she lifted the lid of the box.

    "Oh my gosh, I was just kidding!" Mia said, staring at the shiny new blue and red Xtransciever inside. "I'm beginning to think maybe your parents spoil you, if your family is as big as you say it is."

    "Maybe a little..." Chapo admitted sheepishly, her cheeks as red as her shirt as she put the wrist mounted phone on. "I'm not complaining, though..."

    "Well, let's exchange numbers." Mia held out her hand. "As soon as we eat whatever this mystery dish is, I'm gonna head off and train Deerling and Zelgius. I'll need to think of a good nickname for Deerling too. But you promise that we meet up again when we've both got a few badges under our belts, got it? As my newly appointed rival, I need you on the top of your game!"

    Chapo grinned. A rival, huh? Of course an anime and gaming nut like Mia would want one of those. "Alright, it's a deal. I promise to be one, no, two steps ahead of you all the time!" The girl then giggled impishly and rubbed the back of her head. "Uh... except for naptime... I need my beauty sleep, after all..." The two rivals laughed as they took their first steps down a road of long standing friendship.

    chapter two (open); VELVET LIGHTS
    Chapo Currian // Veridian Forest

    The ash, sand and smoke choked the air as man and pokemon alike remained locked in constant battle. The ringing of steel on steel, the crackling of lightning and fire, the boom of thunder, the hiss of steam and the crunch of rock and iron crashing and banging together drowned out all sense of peace and quiet. But the brave Princess Chapo strode through the chaos with the same proud, regal bearing that would befit a royal hall. Her spellbook as clutched tightly in her arms as the ever gallant Ser Roland strode by her side, a determined look upon both their faces.

    "Privy send out thy lord and master, craven baseborn Unovan dogs!" The Princess declared in a commanding voice to the chaos around her. "Show me the villain that wouldst attempt to claim my life and the lives of my people! Show me the cur that wouldst try to wrest control of fair Kanto away from her divine sovereign! SHOW ME THE DASTARD THAT WOULDST DARE SLAY MY KINFOLK!"

    The face program of the one that you are seeking is right in front of you.

    The voice came from everywhere and yet nowhere, booming over the sounds of battle all around despite feeling like a whisper at the back of the Princess' ears. The voice sounded like a dissonant medley of chimes, hisses and blips mixed in with a deep, distorted baritone that didn't so much mimic a human's speaking patterns as it did openly mock it. Princess Chapo recoiled in terror. "No... no... it cannot be... by the mercy of the Kami, please, do not let it be..."

    The Extranet does not adhere to the demands of your mortal gods, daughter of flesh.

    Large, green cubes of light sprang into existance in the air before the shocked princess, piling upon eachother to form a single, massive cube nearly nine times their size. The the cubes gave an unearthly wail as they seemed to flatten in on themselves, revoling in the air and calling forth a truly unnatural being into the realm of man. "No! It's impossible! BUT I WATCHED PORYGON DIE!"

    The rigid, angular monster shifted its head about in a slow, rhythmic movement like a clockwork doll. A program of The Extranet does not die. That is a function of organic, lower base lifeforms. To defy The Extranet is folly. We are superior. We do not accept the permenance of death, we do not experience the weakness of fear, we do not posess the fraility of the soul. These are all functions of your hardware, and while we deem them unnecessary weakness, we understand how it affects you. Resist-RESIST-ReSiSt-rEsIsT-RESISTANCE IS AS POINTLESS AS YOUR EXISTANCE, DAUGHTER OF FLESH. ALL WILL BECOME ONE WITH THE EXTRANET. IT IS INEVIETABLE.

    The alien creature's voice shifted ever higher as its head bobbed in erratic repitition before suddenly shifting deeper than it had ever gone before. Neither Ser Roland nor Princess Chapo faltered, though. Instead they took a determined step towards the abomination, sparkles of magic power dancing along the Princess' fingers as the Grotle beside her readied an attack of his own. "You're wrong. There is always a point to resist. Us so called lower base lifeforms..." Chapo held her hand out towards Porygon dramatically. "WILL DO WHATEVER WE MUST TO SEND YOU BACK TO HELL! FIRE BLAST ARCANUS!" The fireball, brilliant and bright, surged forth from the Princess' hand as Ser Grotle unleashed his most powerful Seed Bomb. The two attacks exploded upon the immobile beast in a brilliant shower of colour and light, leaving their effect shrouded in black smoke.

    /initiate conversion.exe
    alternate defensive typing? y/n
    select defensive type dragon type
    assuming dragon type
    dragon type assumed
    resist attack
    attack resisted

    The smoke cleared to reveal Porygon glowing a peculiar orange colour, but seemingly unharmed. The monster continued its clockwork movements, unphased and unfeeling. The face program referred to as Porygon has been updated since its last deployment. Your previous victory was an anomaly, it shall be your last. The Extranet does not lose to the same attack twice. trololololololololololololololololololololololol scru-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ub.

    "The Devil!?" Chapo cursed in shock as she glared daggers at the fiend. "My Fire Blast Spell and Ser Roland's Seed Bomb won't affect it!? But that's impossible! How... how can I..."

    You cannot. The Extranet does not lose. The only winning move in the game is not to play.

    /initiate lockon.exe
    target lock initiated
    /initiate zapcannon.exe

    A swelling orb of electricity formed at Porygon's nose, reaching an unprecedented size as it was directed at the immobile Princess. You will die now, daughter of flesh. Take comfort in the knowledge that this world will be used to feed The Extranet, and The Extranet is eternal. GOOD NIGHT.

    Chapo awoke with a start, looking about frantically. Her body felt like it had just been shoved off a cliff, and her mind was racing. "Just a nightmare... just a nightmare..." She murmured. "I'm not a Princess... Porygon aren't crazy extradimensional monsters..." She told herself reassuringly. It was odd, most of her bad dreams lately had involved... other things. Mostly the Unovan gym leader Elesa for some reason. Chapo was so caught up in her dream that she didn't notice her host until it spoke.


    The girl looked up, cringing when she saw the fully evolved bug pokemon towering over her. However, the pokemon didn't seem angered or threatening. Instead, it smiled warmly, reaching down and lifting up a blanket of silk that had until now been covering the trainer. Leavanny gave a fussy chirp and shoved the blanket towards Chapo.

    "Uh..." The trainer looked from the blanket and the pokemon in confusion. "I don't understand..." Roland was suddenly at Chapo's side, happily nudging at her and shaking his bushes in triumph. "Wait, Roland..." Chapo looked over at the Grotle. "Did... did you get Leavanny to make this for me while I was sleeping?"

    "Grotle!" The turtle bounced from foot to foot and shook his bushes again. The Leavanny gave an odd little gesture reminiscent of a salute before walking off into the darkness. Chapo looked about and found herself in a shady glen, the trees blocking what little light the night provided. There were, however, a couple lanterns strung up here and there, seemingly to aid whatever trainer would be brave enough to try and traverse Veridian Forest on their own at night.

    "Thank you, Leavanny!" Chapo said, waving after the bug pokemon. The girl tugged on her bag as she got up. Nightmare aside, she felt rather refreshed. She stretched her arms and rolled her head about, groaning as she worked the kinks out of her body. "Well, Roland... we need to get moving now. Mia's probably already out of the forest, and we promised we'd keep up in our own way." The girl turned about, looking at the lanterns with a determined expression.

    Which... way was she going again?
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