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Originally Posted by nottooldforthis View Post
Mawile 01 ♀ | Level 1

Careful | Hyper Cutter | 12 6 6 5 6 6

Astonish | Ice Fang | Fire Fang | Thunder Fang

Vianey | 19130

Ralts 05 ♂ | Level 1

Modest | Trace | 11 4 5 5 5 6

Growl | Calm Mind | Shock Wave | Psychic

Vianey | 19130

Also would like a steelix, scyther, scizor, and phanphy. gender and abilities dont matter.

What would you like for these pokes
Ok, you've got it. This would be for generation V,right?
I'll be able to trade only on Sunday, if that's ok for you. Could you please give me your time zone?

Originally Posted by PsytronicX View Post
Could I request an Aron? Thanks muchly. <3
What generation would that be for? Also, I can only trade on Sunday, so could you please tell me what your time zone is.

Originally Posted by PurpleMushie View Post
Nope, nature doesn't matter.
Ok, no problem!

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