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@OokamiReki: If low ammo is a problem, you should try to farm the Bunker for The Sham shield. It has a high absorb ammo chance.

@Razor Leaf: My Slag CC is about level 31. I got it from The Warrior. I passed down my CC to my Siren, who still sucks a bit, haha. I got a Bee through a trade giveaway. The Bee is not quite as epic now since the nerf.

I was playing with Olli and saw Pimon/Tumbaa. One of them dropped the Transformer, eee! I let him have it though, since I am swimming in legendary weapons now... I have like, 30. I got 8 through helping someone farm a rare spawn for the Challenge Trophy. The rest were dumped on the ground and the player left. They're likely cloned guns, but I appreciate having them. I got: Infinity, Baby Maker, Madhous, B--ch, Shredifier, uhh, several Norfleets, more Conference Calls, the Leech grenade mods... All very cool legendaries!

While playing with another friend, KnuckleDragger dropped a legendary too. I think it's the Hornet. I had that too in my bank, so I let her have it. I've also been playing in random lobbies. Half of the time, the random matchmaking says I lack the DLC or the group is incredibly incompetent. D:

I did find a second Badaboom on my own! It must think I'm its soul mate or something!

I don't have a level 50 Rubi yet. It's something I still need to farm. D:

@NecrumWarrior: No vault symbols in slots here. :( On a good day, I get one purple and one blue. I've hit Eridium jackpot several times. The loot is wayyyy better in the slots than in the vending machine. I hardly buy guns.

@Tabor: Finally added you to the list. I really want to replay BL1 now, but BL2 is just too amazing.

We apparently get a Valentines Day special/code, so tune in tomorrow! These things tend to expire in a few days!
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