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    Cape City & Plains of Valkaria

    Allora walked into one of the small market stalls and looked around. She was looking for a particular item rarely seen since the Silver Tribe took control of the city; a Flame Orb. She had heard rumors that the Macargo who owned the store was from a family who made the said item. After the other customers left, Allora approached the elderly Macargo who was sitting behind the counter. “I know why you are here young one.” The Macargo spat out, coughing shortly after. “But unfortunately I do not have the item you seek.” Allora sighed disappointed, “When will you have another? I need that item.” Macargo slowly stretched and placed an old, burnt pipe in the corner of his mouth while eyeing Allora. “What interest do you have in this item? Why should I risk my life to bring in this item? You know this won’t come cheap.” “I understand that. I am willing to trade for it.” Allora used her psychic powers to take out a string of Pearls from the satchel around her neck and lay them on the counter. “I believe this should be worth more than enough for it.” The Macargo eyes became wide as he stared at the Pearls that lay before him. “Where did you get such a thing?” Allora chuckled and grinned at the old Pokemon,“That is for me to know. So do we have a deal?”

    Just then screams echoed throughout the air, drawing Allora’s attention away from the Macargo. Pokemon of all sizes and ages fled from the street in front of the store. Only two things could cause Pokemon to scatter like that; either the Sentinels were in a bad mood or an Ancient was set “free” on the people. Allora quickly put the Pearls away and rushed out onto the street, dodging a few panicked citizens. Right as she reached the curb a bloodcurdling scream reached her ears. Allora franticly looked around for the source of the scream to see a nearby Kabutops hit the ground with a loud thud. As Allora walked towards the obviously dead Kabutops her attention was drawn to a child pointing to something in the sky. Following his direction with her gaze, Allora spotted another Pokemon in the sky. This huge, bulk of a Pokémon hovered for a few seconds before it too plummeted towards the ground. Allora waited to hear another thud as the Pokemon hit the ground but nothing but the citizen’s chatter was heard. Allora stepped into one of the now abandoned market stalls and pretended to put products away as she observed the scene unfold.

    Shortly after the incident happened the crowd of citizens again quickly scattered to reveal a few Sentinels walking towards the dead Kabutops and other Ancients raiding homes and stores. ‘Looks like it’s time to get out of here.’ Allora thought as she quietly disappeared into the shadows of a side street. Who was that Pokemon that took out the Ancient and where is that Pokemon now? Allora had to know, if by some chance, that Pokemon was a member of the Gold Tribe and, if they were a member, then does that mean theGold Tribe has returned? As Allora weaved in and out of the side streets, dodging Ancients and Sentinels, she went through the list of allies that lived close by. ‘Maybe one of them knows what is going on. The closest one though is……….Veletra the Mismagius.’

    Jumping through yards and alley ways, Allora slowly made her way towards Veletra’s back yard. Once she was in sight of it she stopped to observe the discussion that was going on. Veletra was cornered in the yard by an evil looking Sableye known as Snype; a new Sentinel. ‘This is not good, not good at all.’ Allora thought as she tried to sneak close enough to hear the two. She could hear Veletra explaining herself to the Sentinel who didn’t look convinced.

    "I apologize, my liege, I was unable to attend to the door because I've been back here most of the day working with my friend on turning the garden over. I'm planning to use this patch of earth to plant vegetables and the like, you see, and I needed fresh soil to plant them in. This parched grass was in the way, so I asked my Diglett friend to go underground and turn over the soil," Veletra lied. She used Psychic to make some beans float from inside the house over to where the two were standing. "You see, I was going to plant these when Diglett was finished, but he decided to quit, so I had to shout at him to continue working, but he just up and left. That's why my garden isn't complete," Veletra said, motioning to the parched grass surrounding the upturned ground. "I'm so sorry for this misunderstanding, sir."

    "Digging underground isn't exactly safe I hear... infact, I've heard of a case where some Gold Tribe troops used an underground passage to attack a city right below... they ended up winning that battle you know. I should have you punished for something like that. You could be digging a tunnel right under our noses for all I know. Or perhaps... digging an escape route for our intruder? Yes... that's it... you aren't gardening... kehehe...I'm right aren't I?" Snype said, snickering.

    ‘Garden…..tunnels……I see. Thank you Veletra. I know exactly where to look now. Please be safe. We will be back to rescue you,’ Allora thought to herself as she slipped away into the shadows again. She knew that Veletra never did have a garden in that spot; it was one of the entrances into the “digging” tunnels that are used in emergencies. There are only a few places that those tunnels are supposed to go to, the closest being the Plains of Valkaria. Allora knew she had to take the chance and see if they were at the Plains. Not only did Veletra give away where they might be at but also the fact that they were on their side. ‘If Veletra would risk her life in order to save whoever it is then she must have known that they were on our side…….do I dare say a Gold Tribe member?’ Allora contemplated as she silently hurried to the Plains.

    Once Allora was at the plains she cautiously wondered around looking for any clues as to where this “ally” might be. After a few minutes of looking around aimlessly, the sound of laughing rang in Allora’s ears followed by the loud crying of a baby. ‘A child? All the way out here?’ Curiosity got the better of Allora as she made her way towards the sound of the crying; which slowly faded away into the singing of a lullaby. What she found she never expected. Sitting in the grass was a very large Pokemon known as a Golurk and an older Excadrill cradling a uniquely colored baby Snivy, who was now asleep. At first Allora didn’t know what to think about this situation and continued to watch the pair.

    "How did you do that?" Golurk asked. The Excadrill looked at him with a small grin on his face. "It's called a lullaby. I used to be a dad, remember?" he said, as he put the Snivy back on the grass. The small Pokemon turned and tossed endlessely in his sleep."He's an energetic one, isn't he? What do you want to call him?" Excadrill asked. The Golurk thought about this for a moment. "His name will be Zed."

    ‘Zed the Snivy huh? Hmm……it is a cute name.’ Allora couldn’t help but smile at that thought. She was about to walk away and leave them be when she remembered something Veletra had told her. “When you’re in trouble and need access to the ‘digging’ tunnels, be sure to remember the names of the Pokemon who risk their lives to grant you access to them. Nincada, Trapinch, Excadrill, Dugtrio, and Onix. The Pokemon who is stationed at this entrance is Excadrill. You will refer to him as Excadrill only to help protect his identity. He has suffered a terrible loss already by losing his wife and child. We don’t need to be the reason he suffers more.” Allora started mumbling as she began to put two-and-two together, “A wife and child……..this Excadrill said he used to be a father…..with that paired with the fact Veletra was talking about her “garden”…..he must be the Excadrill that is the “digging” tunnel guard. So then that means that Golurk must be the one I saw take down that Kabutops. I think I finally found them!”

    Allora had to know for sure, though, as she had never met the guard Excadrill in person. She had a plan to see if the pair knew Veletra. Allora would use her name in a sentence and if they knew her they would answer her without confusion. Staying hidden in the nearby shrubs Allora called out to the pair, being careful not to wake baby Zed. “Excadrill, Golurk……..Master Veletra will not be happy if you two are intruding in her ‘garden’. Did you receive ‘permission’ to venture out here?”