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A few game-play questions here; please forgive me if I seem clueless--

  1. I just got a TM from a resident of Violet City; how do I teach a specific Pokémon the move it contains?
  2. Is there a way for the player to access the bag when he's NOT in battle or at a Pokémon Center? Otherwise, items like the Escape Rope seem pointless.
  3. I know the Unown in the Ruins of Alph are supposed to spell something important, but the few I recognize in the background art seem random (and one looks more like a number than a letter IMO). Could someone please give me a hint?
If anyone can help with these problems, I'd appreciate that a lot. Many thanks!

EDITED TO ADD: I'm playing Version 3.1 of Liquid Crystal, on the latest version of Visual Boy Advance (if that makes any difference technically). If you need the keys I chose for a "joypad configuration", please ask; for some odd reason, the keys I chose for Left/Right buttons don't work.

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