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    Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
    i just want the typing, thats all i ask, didn't that show say we would get more news today?
    What show? We only get News two major ways in Japan, during the Sunday Episodes of Pokemon Smash (Saturday afternoons for Americans) and on or around the 15th of every month when the Coro Coro Scans are released.

    There aren't any other schedueled news releases other than this. Internationally we have to wait for one of these to align and watch Pokemon's Twitter/ to see if we get the international version of it. We still have 2 days to see if the Coro Coro leak is japanese exclusive (which is possible seeing as its more Movie related than game related with Ninfia headlining the Pikachu Short with Eevee.) If we don't get any info on Ninfia for English viewers by the 15th than its Japanese exclusive release.